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Electrical Insulator Materials

Electrical Insulator Materials

Electrical insulating materials have high resistance to electrical currents. Insulators protect users from the harmful effects of electrical shock, acting as a protective coating for everything from wires and cables to power systems and electrical appliances. At American Micro Industries, we carry a diverse selection of in-stock and custom electrical insulation sheet materials that will help you safeguard all your vital electrical equipment. Our precision machines and computer-aided design (CAD) models enable us to transform numerous high-quality materials into custom parts for any industry.

What Is an Insulator?

Insulators can be made with various materials for different current-blocking properties, but all are intended to halt an electric current. Electricity moves through materials with the help of free electrons, which bump into each other and send electricity through different atoms. Electrons need other electrons to gain energy and move along their path, and if none are available, they’ll slow down. Insulators are substances that lack these available electrons, while conductive materials have plenty of them.

An insulator is made up of a substance with tightly bonded electrons that can’t contribute to an electric current. Thus, the current comes to a halt when it reaches an insulator.

Solid Insulators

Solid insulators, as opposed to liquid insulators, are made of solid materials. They have good dielectric strength, which refers to the strength of the electric field required to pull outer valence electrons away from the atoms and turn them into free electrons, which can conduct electricity. Common electrical insulating materials include glass, plastic, rubber and ceramics.

Often, electrical conductors are sandwiched between two thin layers of insulator material so the current follows a single direction. There is a range of insulators available, from soft and flexible to strong and sturdy.

Electrical Insulator Materials We Cut

Our electrical insulating material selection is optimized for high dielectric strength and resistivity, providing exceptional opposition against electrical currents and stress that can cause short-circuiting and burn hazards.

As the experts in die cutting and electrical insulation fabrication, American Micro Industries has the machining capabilities to manufacture numerous materials according to military specifications. We offer everything from tube and sheet to rod-stock materials for your insulation needs.

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Polyester Film

Polyester film, or biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate (BoPET), is an electrical insulation sheet material with high tensile strength, moisture resistance and dimensional stability. This material boasts high strength and durability, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications.

We carry die cut polyester film in 27-by-100-inch sheets (0.001″ thick) and 24-by-36-inch sheets (0.015″ and 0.020″ thick) with or without the pressure-sensitive adhesive. You can also request custom parts die cut to your exact specifications.


VHR-115 is a dense, rigid insulator comprised of acrylic polymer and unbleached kraft pulp makeup. This material features many benefits, such as efficient dielectric and mechanical properties and a low water absorption rate. Its high insulation characteristics make it suitable for products such as coils, transformers, motors and electrical hardware.

You can purchase VHR-115 in sheets with or without a pressure adhesive, or we’ll work with you to manufacture custom laser or die cut parts and components to suit your needs.

American micro workers cutting electrical insulator materials

TRYMER® Machining

TRYMER® is a highly efficient insulating material made from rigid polyisocyanurate. This lightweight electrical insulator offers impressive moisture resistance and high compressive strength. It is optimized for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, such as refrigeration, construction and tank insulation.

Our broad selection of TRYMER® products comes in various compressive strengths and densities. Our machinists can use specialized CNC machining methods to cut individual TRYMER® sheets in your desired size.

CNC machining example by American Micro Industries

Why Choose American Micro Industries for Your Electrical Insulation Needs?

We pride ourselves on our rapid prototyping and high-quality die cutting capabilities. We specialize in manufacturing hard-to-find parts, making us your one-stop shop for die cut parts and components. We also custom die cut many foams for packaging purposes.

As your choice for contract manufacturing, we provide the best electrical insulator sheets and materials for all industries ranging from electronics and automotive to aerospace.

Transform Your Electrical Insulation Sheets with Subtractive Manufacturing Today

For highly dependable electrical insulation sheets, choose American Micro Industries. We’re proud to be your choice manufacturing partner, offering fast turnaround times and quality assurance with every product and service.

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