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die cutting materials

Die Cutting

Die Cutting

die cutting materials

Since 1995, the Custom Components division of American Micro Industries has specialized in providing a broad range of custom products and services for the aerospace, defense, electronic, marine, military, technology and medical OEM and contract manufacturer industries. With a focus on delivering exceptional quality at an affordable price point, we are a longstanding partner to demanding customers with special technical, regulatory or mechanical requirements. Keep reading to learn more about our die cut manufacturing capabilities, or contact our office directly to request a quote.

Die Cutting Capabilities

Die cutting is a fast and cost-effective way to cut thin, flat materials such as plastics, electrical films, rubbers, foams and more. American Micro Industries is qualified to perform different types of die cutting:

  • Rotary die cutting, in which a sheet of material is fed into a station, where a rotary tool moving at the same speed cuts or perforates it into the desired shape. Rotary die cutting is an efficient way to quickly produce gaskets and similar components.
  • Steel rule die cutting, in which a custom steel tool (die) is created to punch out specific shapes on a material of your choice. Steel rule die cutting is an excellent option for mass producing custom die cut components on a budget.
  • Laser die cutting, in which, as the name implies, a laser cutting tool moves automatically to cut the material into a given shape. Laser cutting is best for extremely precise or complex components with high tolerance requirements.

Contact one of our representatives to discuss your project and determine the best die cutting method for your needs.

Quality Control You Can Count On

American Micro Industries has a long history of producing high-quality die cut electrical film, custom foam parts and other products. We perform work in-house and offer complete turnkey solutions that get your order to you quickly. Every step of the way, you’ll work with a knowledgeable team member who will strive to find innovative solutions that keep your costs down while improving the quality of product you bring to the market.

Based in Chambersburg, PA, we are ideally situated to serve customers around the country and beyond. Make us your first choice for everything from rigid foam die cutting to custom electrical component manufacturing.

Every die cutting job we complete begins with an initial consultation with one of our Account Managers. Request a free quote for your custom project today!


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