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Synthetic Rubber

Synthetic rubber is a generic term used to describe any type of artificial elastomer. Elastomers are polymers that feature viscoelasticity, meaning they exhibit both elastic and viscous properties while undergoing deformation. Millable urethane is a synthetic rubber compound known as Millathane®, and is manufactured by TSE Industries.

American Micro Industries can provide Millathane® die cut rubber products that meet your exact specifications.

Millathane® Properties

Millathane® rubbers possess a unique combination of properties that is difficult to find in just about any other type of natural or synthetic rubber material. Millathane® has outstanding abrasion resistance, low gas permeability, a high resistance to compression set and a high resilience. In addition, it offers excellent oil, ozone and oxygen resistance and dynamic load bearing ability.

Another key Millathane® feature is its low temperature flexibility. It has a working temperature of 248°.

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Millathane® Grades

There is wide range of polyether and polyester grades of Millathane® available to suit your unique application:

  • Polymer Grades
    • Millathane® 26 – FDA 21CFR177.2600-compliant material used for rollers, belts and other products for both food and non-food handling applications.
    • Millathane® 55 – Offers an ideal combination of hardness and easy “processability” for manufacturing products such as rubber-covered rollers and molded parts and components.
    • Millathane® 97 – Transparent material that offers excellent resistance against abrasion, making it a good choice for transparent shoe components, as well as parts that exhibit bright colors.
    • Millathane® CM – Military and aerospace manufacturers prefer this synthetic polymer grade due to its remarkable combination of low temperature properties, superior strength and unsurpassed abrasion resistance.
    • Millathane® E34 – A top choice for paper and printing industry applications, this Millathane® polymer grade offers the hydrolysis and abrasion resistance required for the rubber-coated rollers used in paper production.
    • Millathane® E40 – Millathane® E40 contains excellent low-temperature properties that meet the manufacturing requirements for many types of military and aerospace industry parts and components.
  • Polyester Grades
    • Millathane® 5004 – This synthetic rubber provides exceptional oil and solvent resistance and is commonly used for products such as paper rollers, suction cups and diaphragms.
    • Millathane® 66 – Provides the maximum oil, heat and compression set resistance necessary for products such as gaskets, rollers, seals and belts.
    • Millathane® 76 – Known for its remarkable abrasion and oil resistance, Millathane® 76 is well-suited for wheels, vibration insulators, O-rings and gaskets.
    • Millathane® HT Pre-milled – Features excellent frictional properties and low temperature characteristics required for certain types of rollers, belts and gaskets.

Low Tooling  -  Fast Turn Around

American Micro Industries Offers Custom Synthetic Rubber Die Cutting Solutions

No matter what type of Millathane® rubber grade meets your manufacturing requirements, American Micro Industries can perform custom die cutting to your specifications. Our broad die cutting capabilities include advanced rotarysteel rule and laser techniques that generate high-quality products with speed and efficiency.

Whether you need custom rubber insulators or any other product, we can work with your drawings or specs to develop the customized solution you need at a competitive price. We also feature prompt delivery to your facility or worksite — and you never have to worry about meeting any restrictive minimum order requirements.

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