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Nylon Die Cutting

Nylon is a type of plastic that you can use in a variety of engineering applications. Because of its strong bearing and wear tolerance, industries often use nylon to facilitate moving parts without requiring an external lubrication source.

American Micro Industries has the capability to die-cut nylon to meet your company’s specific requirements for nylon parts. Our nylon machining tools are state-of-the-art and manned by experts in the field of fabrication, so you can be confident that you will get precisely the nylon part you designed and requested every time.

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About Nylon


Nylon is an extremely popular and easy thermoplastic to work with because it is lightweight, quiet and offers reduced wear on the parts that make use of it, which means applications with moving parts that include nylon work more smoothly, quietly and efficiently and last longer.


Working With Nylon


There is quite a number of different formulations of nylon that can be useful in part fabrication. Which nylon material you want to use will depend on your particular industry.

Nylon plastic usually comes in thicknesses ranging from about .030 inches to 2 inches and can come oil-filled for greater wear resistance, heat-stabilized for applications that generate high temperatures and even glass-filled for enhanced stiffness and greater strength.

At American Micro Industries, our engineering experts can consult with you to help you establish the right type of nylon plastic for your parts and the best approach to your parts fabrication.

Applications for Nylon


Any industry that uses machines with moving parts may be able to benefit from integrating nylon plastic into their design, from garage door systems with nylon wheels for quiet, long-lasting cycling to food processing machines that need to work more quietly and with less need for external lubrication.

Companies use nylon plastic for gears, seals, gaskets, wheels and wear pads. Nylon plastic parts are found in aerospacemilitary and defense applications, HVAC businesses, the mining industry, healthcare, construction and many more.

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