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Laser cutting has become increasingly important in industrial manufacturing as the need for smaller, more precise components has extended beyond specialized industries and applications. Today, everything from consumer electronics and auto parts, to stamps and signs, all rely on laser cutting to produce intricate designs on a mass scale.

American Micro Industries has invested heavily to develop and expand our capacity to offer custom laser cutting services on a variety of materials. We are proud to serve a number of key markets, including military, aerospace, healthcare, manufacturing and more, all of whom rely on us for accurate products and fast turn times for custom work.

The Laser Cutting Process

There are several different types of laser cutting machines available, though all follow a similar process. Design plans are entered via AutoCAD, CorelDRAW or a similar software platform. A CNC machine moves a high-powered laser according to these specifications, which will melt, burn or vaporize the intended material, leaving a clean edge that has been cut to an exceptionally high tolerance.

Today’s sophisticated machines can offer accuracy of up to 10 micrometers —  better than or consistent with the best mechanical cutting machines, while offering improved workholding and less risk of contamination.

Material Options

Our extensive laser cutting capabilities allow us to fulfill practically any custom cutting project. We can work with a variety of materials, including:

  • Electrical insulation: American Micro Industries can laser cut electrical insulation to the demanding tolerances required by aerospace and military contractors, among other customers. We stock a range of materials with high dielectric strength, and we can laser cut custom components to your exact specifications. Specific materials we work with include fish paper and polyester film. Browse our website for more information, or contact an Account Manger directly for detailed product specifications.  
  • Plastics: We offer laser cutting for polyester film parts and other plastic components. Available materials include acetal resins such as Delrin®, acrylics such as Plexiglas® and Lucite®, PVDF, Teflon® and many other options. Laser cut plastics can offer a number of unique qualities not found on other materials, such as high impact strength, transparency, thermal stability and more. We are able to laser cut materials that are FDA-approved for use in food and drug applications, and we can work with you to meet any other specific requirements your project may have.

Get in touch to discuss the needs of your project and have one of our engineers recommend the best material for your needs.

Working With American Micro Industries

American Micro Industries is pleased to offer laser cutting services for electrical insulation and related components to the list of services we offer our clients. You can count on our team to deliver a high level of quality backed by exceptional customer service.

We offer custom laser cutting with low tooling or engineering fees and fast turnaround times. Our vertically integrated facility allows us to perform all work in-house, from sourcing the right material, to performing the cutting itself, to any final assembly and quality control you require. We’ll work with you to meet your requirements and save you money every step of the way.

Request a Quote Today

If you need a custom component laser cut, contact American Micro Industries directly through our website to request additional information, or give us a call at 1-866-765-9191 to speak with an Account Manger. We will be happy to review your requirements and provide a quote and timeframe for your order. Based in Chambersburg, PA, we are a proud veteran-owned American business with a long history of providing innovative solutions for some of today’s most demanding industrial clients.