American Micro Industries plays a number of roles for a diverse group of clients in the manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, military contracting,and other industries. We can supply bulk quantities of electrical insulation and sound deadening materials. We also have extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities that include CNC machining, die and laser cutting, plastic machining and more.

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  • Electrical Insulation Materials Electrical Insulation Category

    Fish Paper, VHR-115, E-FR, Polyester Film, Silpad, Polyimide, and CE, LE, G10/FR4 Phenolics (Garolite & Micarta).

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  • CNC Machining CNC Machining Category

    Rigid foam, carving foam, phenolics, and plastic custom precision CNC machined components and industrial OEM parts.

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  • Die Cutting Die Cutting Category

    Custom die cutting and fabricating of electrical insulating components, gaskets, and packing foam inserts.

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  • Prototype Machining Prototype machining

    We serve the made-to-order parts and component needs of the aerospace/aviation, automotive, defense, electrical/electronics, marine, medical and technology industries.

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  • Laser Cutting Laser Cutting Service

    We produce laser cut components from a variety of materials including plastics, synthetic rubbers, electrical insulation and more.

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  • Sound Deadening Products Acoustic Products Category

    Machining services available for Mass Loaded Vinyl and Specialty Composite materials.

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As technologies change, a few things will always remain the same here at American Micro Industries. We understand the importance of quality relationships and communication with our valued customers. Our dedicated account managers will always be here to answer your questions and walk with you through the entire process. Our emphasis on strong communication, coupled with a wide variety of electrical insulation materials, including Phenloics, Nylon, Neoprene, and RenShape, and in-house component customization services allow us to complete your project on time.

Whatever your project requires, we will provide transparent communication about pricing and timelines, dedicated service from a knowledgeable representative, and an industry-leading level of quality control. Based in Chambersburg, PA, we perform custom component manufacturing in-house and can quickly turn around even a complex or large-volume order.

We don't impose a minimum order requirement on custom component manufacturing projects, and we generally offer low fees if a custom tooling is necessary. As a result, we are an excellent partner for project prototyping and testing. We can also work with you to meet military standards and other regulatory requirements around electrical component machining and insulation.

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Proudly a Veteran Founded Business

Our company is home to two divisions - Custom Components Division, a contract manufacturing facility, and Soundproof Cow, a manufacturer & distributor of sound control products. Custom Components is your source for electrical component machining, while Soundproof Cow is a manufacturer and retail supplier of sound deadening and absorbing materials for residential, industrial, commercial and institutional applications.

Veteran Owned & Operated

While our divisions address distinctly different markets, a common thread that runs through American Micro Industries is the persistent determination to find and meet the needs of customers with excellent quality goods and outstanding service.

Ready to get started? Request information using our online form, or call our office directly at 1-866-765-9191 between the hours of 9am - 5pm EST, Monday to Friday.