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Rotary Die Cutting

Rotary die cutting is one of the most common types of die cutting. It is a broad category that includes perforated die cutting, kiss cutting and other processes that use a rotary press. The process is simple — a flat material is fed through a die that is continually rolling in place. As the material passes through, a cutting edge pinches the material and pushes out the part in its desired shape.

Rotary die cutting can involve a range of materials, including sheet metal, fabric, plastics and more. One of its main benefits compared to flat bed die cutting is that it is faster, as there is less wasted motion while the machine works. It is capable of creating parts with a high degree of accuracy, in a variety of shapes that is limited only by the size of the roller. Rotary die cutting can also be an alternative to laser cutting. While laser cutting may be better for more precise work, rotary die cutting can be used on a wider range of materials and can turn around high-volume projects faster. Laser cutting machines are also more expensive to purchase, and these costs are typically passed on to manufacturers in the form of higher fees.


Rotary die cutting is extremely versatile — the process can be used to create almost any flat part. It also supports more complex processes that require multiple passes. A rotary press can die cut materials as thin as 1/8”.

Can you use rotary die cutting service for your applications in your industry? The answer is likely yes. Some of the many applications we provide rotary die cutting for include cutting envelopes, tickets and cardboard boxes, so if shipping is part of your process, rotary die cutting could prove extremely useful. Rotary die cutting is often used in label making, medical part construction and a myriad of other applications.

Essentially, any time you need help producing a high volume of products cut the same way in a short amount of time, you can probably use rotary die cutting services. Using rotary die cutting can also help us complete a project more quickly because we can perform finishing, lathing and other services while doing the rotary die cutting. If you need help determining whether rotary die cutting services will be useful for your business, get in touch, and we will work through it with you.

Aside from versatility, the main benefits of rotary die cutting are its speed, accuracy and low cost. The primary expense associated with set-up is machining the die. However, machined dies are highly durable and can be counted on for extensive high-volume use.

American Micro Industries offers a comprehensive range of rotary die cutting services. We can create customized products for a diverse cross-section of industries and are fully equipped to meet the high dimensional tolerances required for aerospaceautomotive and other applications. We can quickly turn around rotary die cutting projects of any size or complexity, including those requiring kiss cutting, perforated cutting, slitting, scoring and more.

People choose American Micro Industries because of our reputation for adding value. Our rotary die cutting machines are state-of-the-art—as is all of our machining and cutting equipment. We only use the best because our customers deserve only the best.

That extends to the materials we use and the design and manufacturing expertise we provide, as well. Call us and tell us about all your goals when it comes to part fabrication for your business, and we will tell you exactly the materials and tools we think you need to make it happen, then put together a design and fabrication plan that will meet your expectations and budget.

One of our team members would be happy to go over your requirements and provide a quote for your project. We have no minimum order requirements and strive to provide economical tool development for all customers.

It’s important to stress how important that is to our clients. Many fabrication companies may only offer fast turnaround times for orders of high-volume. They may think it is not worth it to focus on small orders. We treat all of our customers equally, and everyone gets our best service, whether it’s a tiny order or a big one. Our goal is to see all of our clients succeed.

We feel that no matter how good the equipment is or how knowledgeable the personnel is, if a company doesn’t connect with its customers, the relationship is not going to work. That’s why we are 100 percent committed to making sure you’re satisfied with our service.

We know you will love working with us for all your rotary die cutting and other component manufacturing needs, but the only way you’ll know is if you get in touch. Contact us to schedule a free consultation, and will provide you with a free estimate on the service you need. You’ll know where we are coming from before we ever start working on one of your projects.

One of our team members would be happy to go over your requirements and provide a quote for your project. We have no minimum order requirements and strive to provide economical tool development for all customers. Call or email our office to get started today.