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ECCOSTOCK® Machining

set of different drill bits, thread tap and mill cutters with caliper ruler on steel plate background.

American Micro Industries provides fast, accurate machining services for ECCOSTOCK® low-loss dielectric materials. ECCOSTOCK® products include a range of flexible and rigid foams — all of which are engineered for optimal performance in demanding applications.

Our team has extensive experience working with ECCOSTOCK® products. We can provide support at every step of your project, from assistance with material selection to high volume machining and manufacturing.

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Your Partner for All Your Machining Needs

American Micro Industries is a longstanding partner to commercial and industrial clients. We offer precise machining services with low tooling costs and no minimum order requirements. Count on our team for excellent customer service and a high level of quality control.

To request a quote for any ECCOSTOCK® machining project, call or email our office to speak with a representative.

ECCOSTOCK® is an Emerson and Cuming Microwave Product.