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Custom Components for the Medical
and Biotech Industry

oxygen inhalation equipment at the hospital room

The medical industry is constantly changing and adapting to the latest advancements in technology. And because these technologies can mean life or death in some cases, a high level of quality and precision is essential in the production of vital components for the medical and biotech industries.

But, unlike other forms of mass manufacturing, customization often plays a key role in the creation of the components used in the field. The customization of parts and precision manufacturing capabilities for medical use requires qualified professionals who understand every detail of your product needs.

Whether it be custom die-cut components for the medical industry, precision manufacturing or the use of CNC machining for complex medical components, the development and production process demands a range of capabilities that can meet the needs of the customer.

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American Micro Industries, Inc. manufactures solutions for some of the most distinguished medical companies in the world. Expansion of services, custom materials and industry experience allow American Micro Industries to continually expand our technical capabilities to not only meet but exceed our customers’ requirements.

Materials are often essential in determining the quality, longevity and functionality of the finished product or component in the medical industry. In addition to providing precision manufacturing, maintaining sterility of all medical equipment is also key to ensuring the industry’s strict safety standards are met. Depending on what type of medical component or manufacturing design is needed, you can select from a wide range of materials that provide mechanical and physical properties.

Our success is a direct reflection of our dedication to quality and precision. Your specifications are critical, and we proudly offer the highest-quality materials. This ensures continued development of our manufacturing processes to provide innovative solutions. We go above and beyond to ensure your project is completed on time, on budget and beyond your expectations.

Medical equipment manufacturers have long trusted AMI as a reliable source of quality EMI shielding, microwave-absorbing materials and dielectric materials. From MRI machines to the latest state-of-the-art shielded enclosures and medical equipment, AMI has the experience and a track record that’s second to none when it comes to insulating material for medical equipment, such as NeoprenePolyester Filmfish paper and dielectric material.

For more than 20 years, American Micro Industries’ Custom Components division has offered specialized and custom products and services for the medical and biotech industries. With exceptional quality and affordability, we have a longstanding history of meeting the technical, regulatory and mechanical requirements for all your custom medical component needs.

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Custom Die-Cut Parts for the Medical Industry

One of the most accurate manufacturing processes comes in the form of die-cutting. Whether it be through the use of a rotary die-cutting process or the high-tech capabilities and precision of a laser, die-cutting is essential in the creation of a variety of complex medical components that can be manufactured with a wide range of materials, including plastics, rubber and foams.

In most cases, a product or component will need specialized and custom die-cutting for the highest quality of manufacturing. Die-cutting is often the fastest and most cost-efficient way to create products that have complex geometries or require thin, flat materials such as plastics, foams and rubbers. Depending on the material selected and the design of your component, there are different options in die-cutting:

  • Rotary die-cutting: Rotary die-cutting services are ideal for sheets of material that need to be fed into a station, where a rotary tool moving at a set speed can cut the material into the desired shape. It’s an efficient and cost-effective way to produce a range of components.
  • Steel rule die-cutting: When you’re seeking the production of a larger custom component, steel rule die-cutting may be ideal. Unlike rotary die-cutting, steel rule cutting allows for the punch of a specific shape or geometry into the material of your choosing. It’s an excellent option for those looking to produce a large number of custom parts.
  • Laser cutting: In addition to rotary and steel rule die-cutting, precision components with very complex geometries and high tolerances can best be handled with the accuracy of a laser. Laser cutting allows a precision cut for many different types of materials, in the desired shape, and is best suited for the customization of complex medical components. Depending on the overall thickness of the material used, laser cutting allows for cutting widths as small as 0.004 inches, or 0.10 mm.
Laser cutting machine in action.

There are several types of laser-cutting machines available, but all follow a similar process. Initially, design plans are created through the use of computer-aided drafting and design software or other engineering software. A CNC machine will then move a high-powered laser to follow those specifications, melting, burning or vaporizing the selected material. The result is an exceptionally precise cut with high tolerances, which provides the clean edge of the finished product.

Today’s sophisticated machines can offer accuracy of up to 10 micrometers, providing a better and more consistent result than even the best mechanical cutting machines. For medical components, this is often essential, because it allows tolerances to be met for an assembly.

While the demands of each component vary based on the customer’s needs, American Micro Industries offers custom die-cutting services in a range of materials used in the medical industries for their inherent physical and mechanical properties.

One of the most important components can be the filters, gaskets or rubber seals for medical devices. Custom die-cutting may be the fastest and most cost-effective way to produce these critical components. American Micro Industries can die-cut intricate custom gaskets from a wide variety of closed-cell rubbers and elastomers.

We also offer a variety of different synthetic materials that offer excellent resistance to temperature extremes, low gas permeability and a number of other properties required of high-performing gaskets.

CNC Machining for the Medical Industry

Like die-cutting, CNC machining offers unique advantages in the manufacturing of custom medical components and products. At American Micro Industries, we offer precision CNC machining to provide you with the best solutions for unique components, customized with the best materials for the desired application and machined to the requirements you demand. Our manufacturing capabilities allow for the highest level of quality, economical price and a fast turnaround.

With AMI, our CNC department can help engineer and fabricate the parts that meet your unique requirements and specifications. Through the use of 3D imaging and the latest in computer-aided drafting and design software, we can design parts that can be micro-machined from a variety of different materials, including rigid foam, carving foam, phenolics and plastics.

Rigid foams offer structural integrity as well as thermal and mechanical stability, which is critical for the design of electronic enclosures and components that need to replace traditional wood and aluminum functions. In addition, a wide range of plastics are also used in the creation of custom medical components.

We offer CNC machine components in plastics that can meet your requirements, including PVC, acrylics, polypropylene and Teflon, as well as many others. These types of plastics are often used in the production of bearings, bushings, tubes and forms of electrical insulators. By selecting the proper material, you can create a component that offers the high-impact strength and temperature resistance you need for your desired application.

Our CNC machine shop is extensively equipped to economically produce your components, regardless of the order quantity. Our equipment includes four Fadal CNC 3-axis Vertical Machining Centers with 15 horsepower, 7500 rpm spindles. For larger projects, we offer a capacity of 30 inches x 16 inches x 12 inches. In addition, we offer milling services and secondary operations to assist in the completion of your parts.

Plastic polymer beads on green gloved hand.


As mentioned above, the development, design and function of critical medical parts and products depends greatly on the materials selected. For some applications, thermal and electrical properties are key. For others, flexibility, strength and longevity may play a major role in their design.

Plastics can provide both flexibility and electrical insulation for specific products. While thin plastics may benefit from a precision die-cutting process, in other cases, CNC machining may be the ideal method for creating the component. Thickness range for many parts may need to meet certain challenges as well. There are several plastic materials that can meet your unique requirements.

At American Micro Industries, we take great pride in our ability to work with the most popular types of plastics to meet the demands of our customers in the medical industry. We’re your best source for expertly machined plastic components. Acetal, acrylics, PVDF and Teflon, as well as almost any other type of plastic, can be used in your product or component design.

Some plastics are designed to withstand temperatures exceeding 200 degrees Fahrenheit, making them ideal for healthcare applications that require high working temperatures.

For electrical applications, electrical insulating materials including fish paper, VHR-115, E-FR, Polyester Film and CE, LE, G10/FR4 phenolics can be used for manufacturing certain components and custom die-cut to your specifications. In other cases, rigid foams, carving foams or specific rubbers may provide the best physical and mechanical properties for functional operation.

How Can American Micro Industries Help Me?

American Micro Industries has been creating design solutions and manufacturing custom parts for more than two decades. Our talented staff produces the highest-quality custom parts designed to meet all your specifications and requirements, as well as maintain the regulatory and safety standards of the biotech industry. Our knowledgeable staff can provide you with fast and cost-effective custom die-cutting services without sacrificing quality or performance. We continually strive to improve every facet of our business, from sales to production and shipping.

For those in need of CNC machining services for custom medical products, we can assist you at every step, from the first piece approval process to a finished, functional product. All of our manufacturing processes are held to the strictest quality standards. We personally inspect all our products individually before we ship them to our customers.

In addition, our talented team of engineers is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and satisfaction.

We’ll work with you every step of the way and help you achieve your performance and quality-control goals. Every job we complete begins with an initial consultation with one of our Account Managers. Request a free quote for your custom project today, and we’ll be happy to review your requirements and provide a quote and timeframe for your order.