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Perforation Die Cutting

Perforation die cutting is a type of die cutting technique where the part or component isn’t completely separated from the sheet. Rather, it is held intact by multiple perforations, or small holes, until it can be detached. When performed correctly, perforated die cutting is fast and accurate and increases production efficiency.

At American Micro Industries, we have the cutting and scoring capabilities needed to create the highest quality products through die cutting. We have a vast arsenal of tools and over 25 years of experience that allow us to manufacture custom materials that set the standard for quality and precision.

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About Perforation Die Cutting

Perforation rates typically use a metric of teeth per inch (TPI), or the number of holes punched into one sheet. The more holes you have, the easier the element will be to remove, whereas fewer perforations tend to keep the part situated more firmly into place. Though there isn’t a specific standard for TPI, die cutting of over 30 TPI is generally considered micro-perforating.

Kiss cutting is another form of perforation specifically used for adhesive-lined materials. This process involves cutting through the design’s face and layers without puncturing the backing material, making for easy removal from the backing layer.

Cutting and perforation are excellent finishing options for numerous applications, but whether it’s the best choice for your project depends on your desired use and materials. The die cutting process is limited to certain materials and part sizes and can involve high setup and testing expenses, depending on the project. It’s wise to keep these considerations in mind before completing the process.

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Benefits of Perforated Die Cutting

Many benefits come with perforated die cutting, making it a popular finishing option across several industries. Four of the main advantages of cutting and perforation include:

  1. Easy part removal. Die cutting allows users to remove perforated parts from the sheet with ease, making the packaging and transportation processes simpler while reducing individual cutting errors.
  2. Versatility. You can perforate almost any flat die cut part, from stamps to automotive rings and packaging components.
  3. Production efficiency. With perforation die cutting, you can quickly manufacture a high volume of products with impressive accuracy, ultimately producing high-quality items in a shorter amount of time.
  4. Manufacturing value. This finishing process promotes better quality control, reducing product loss and increasing cost value.

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Perforation Die Cutting Services at American Micro Industries Today

If you’re looking for die cutting perforation services that exceed industry expectations, choose American Micro Industries. We have cutting tools and resources that allow us to serve businesses in any sector with customizable products. Unlike standard die cutters, we don’t require minimum order amounts, enabling us to employ short runs for product development and testing purposes at your convenience.

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