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CNC Machine Milling

CNC milling is a fast, effective way to produce components with a high degree of accuracy. The process involves placing a workpiece in a machine vice, where it is fixed in place as a cutting tool automatically moves around it.

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CNC milling machines use several different cutting tools to create shapes of various sizes. They can be equipped with conventional drills and bores to create simple holes. More complex work is done using different endmills — a standard endmill cuts away materials at a 90˚ angle, while chamfer, grooving, rounded and other tools are used to create bevels, rounded edges and other features.

On a CNC machine, the milling process is automated. Programming the software to perform the desired actions is the primary step in setting up a project. Once this is done, it is possible to repeat the process with exceptional accuracy. As a result, CNC milling is ideal for both mass-produced parts and short-runs.

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set of different drill bits, thread tap and mill cutters with caliper ruler on steel plate background.

American Micro Industries’ Chambersburg, PA headquarters features several CNC milling machines, including four large Fadal machining centers that are capable of accommodating workpieces up to 30” x 16” x 12”. We provide extensive consulting for new clients, affordable set-up fees and fast turnaround times, even for larger orders. Additionally, we have no minimum order requirements.

Your custom components are the heart of your entire industry — everything else depends on the quality and reliability of your parts. For this reason, CNC machine milling may be crucial to your operation. For the same reason, you cannot trust your CNC milling services to anyone but American Micro Industries.

Finding the right CNC milling company to do the job is so critical that you must ask yourself several questions before you make your decision. The most important one is, do they have the equipment to do the job? Our multiple CNC milling machines are state-of-the-art. We can create beautiful, seamless products. Whether you need a CNC wood milling machine or CNC plastic milling machine.

You’ll want to ask if CNC milling services are fast and affordable. Because of our equipment and efficiency, we can create many products in a short time at a lower cost. Then, we can pass those savings on to you.

Finally, you’ll want to know if the company you hire for CNC machine milling cares about their customers. We can say without reservation that customer satisfaction is our number one goal. We will discuss your CNC machine milling needs in detail before we ever do a single bit of work on your parts, and we’ll always do whatever it takes to make sure you’re satisfied. It all starts with contacting us for a free quote and consultation on CNC milling services.

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