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An important part of our focus at American Micro Industries is enhancing the quality of life of with products designed to control noise and improve sound. Along with our sister company, Soundproof Cow, we make a point of solving problems quickly with easy to use materials. We’re a leading manufacturer and distributor of a wide variety of high-quality soundproofing and acoustics products, and we also provide complete sales and technical assistance. You can count on us for the right product for residential, industrial, commercial and institutional applications.

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Products and Services

We offer an extensive range of products for industrial, commercial, residential, institutional, motor vehicle and marine applications that are in stock and ready to ship. In addition, we perform custom die cutting and machining to produce a customized product that meets your exact specifications. We can provide soundproofing and acoustic materials for the following:



Examples of our soundproofing and acoustic products include:

Mass Loaded Vinyl

Mass loaded vinyl (MLV) is an extremely tough, rugged soundproofing material that offers a more practical, eco-friendly alternative to lead soundproofing products. MLV works by increasing the amount of dense mass in an enclosed area, which prevents soundwaves from penetrating the barrier. Instead of absorbing the soundwaves, MLV blocks them, creating a reflective barrier that keeps noise in or out. It can be installed on either side of a wall. MLV can block some of the most disruptive sounds, including traffic noise, construction and even aircraft passing overhead.

MLV is a popular choice for architects, engineers and other design professionals due its remarkable combination of superior soundproofing capabilities and remarkable ease of use. Installation is simply a matter of attaching the vinyl barrier to a joist or seam and securing it with barrier tape or caulking. You can also use MLV to wrap plastic plumbing pipes, steel columns, metal ducts and wherever else you require soundproof components. Typical MLV applications include creating a soundproof barrier in music studios, radio stations and high-end home-entertainment centers, to name a few.

American Micro Industries has the expertise to machine or die cut soundproof materials made of MLV to your exact specifications. Just let us know what you need!

Acoustic Foam

Acoustic soundproofing foam has the ability to prevent soundwaves from reflecting off hard surfaces such as walls or ceilings, making it a great choice for maintaining a quiet, calm interior environment. It works well in everything from a music studio or home-entertainment center to a heavy manufacturing or industrial setting. Specific examples include medical facilities, clean rooms, offices, gun ranges, machine rooms and anywhere else you need to create an effective, impenetrable soundproof barrier.

Acoustic foam also offers the important benefit of fast, easy installation. In most cases, you won’t need to embark on an extensive remodeling project or hire a professional installer.

American Micro Industries and Soundproof Cow offer a wide variety of soundproof acoustic foam panels to meet the needs of just about any type of environment. Panels are available in a wide range of colors to meet your aesthetic requirements. Use our online selection guide to assist you in choosing the right product for your requirements. If you need custom acoustic panels, we can perform soundproof foam machining and die cutting to your exact specifications.


For many people, their car serves as an oasis where they can exist peacefully in their own private world as they commute to and from work or embark on an extended road trip. An essential component of maximizing driving experience is having a state-of-the-art vehicle sound system. RoadBlockR™ is an advanced sound-deadening material that is a must for any car enthusiast who is serious about creating the ideal interior environment.

RoadBlockR™ is specifically designed to reduce sound transmission of metal surfaces and eliminate noise clutter. It’s the ideal soundproofing solution if you want to get the most enjoyment out of listening to your favorite tunes while you’re on the road.

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, RoadBlockR™ will provide a luxury car feel that will make a favorable impression on your passengers. It also gives you a better alternative to those less expensive soundproofing systems that don’t deliver the same results and could cause damage to your vehicle if not installed property. American Micro Industries and Soundproof Cow is your source more high-quality machined soundproof materials such as RoadBlockR™ that can be customized to your specifications. We can also provide custom die-cut sound-deadening services.