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Nomex® Laser Cutting

Nomex® is a synthetic form of meta-aramid fiber that can be useful for various applications. Its durability and heat resistance make it popular in industries whose products must withstand harsh conditions. One of the best ways to fabricate Nomex® 410 is through laser cutting. The laser cutting tool can make clean, precise cuts, allowing you to achieve the best final product.

While many fabricators don’t have the necessary equipment or knowledge to laser cut Nomex® 410, American Micro Industries has over 20 years of expertise in parts fabrication. You know we are a company you can rely on.

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About Nomex®

Nomex® 410 is a family of insulation papers. This product is flexible, resilient, mechanically tough, thermally stable and boasts impressive dielectric strength. Nomex® 410 is available in various thicknesses, ranging between 0.05 mm to 0.76 mm. This product also has specific gravities that range between 0.7 to 1.2.

Nomex® 410 is common in electrical equipment such as electrical sheet insulation, but there are various other proven uses. Due to its durability and strength, Nomex® 410 is ideal for harsh environments and high-performance applications. Nomex® 410 is easy to care for and durable. It is the best option when comparing regular high-density foam vs. polyurethane high-density foam.

Working With Nomex®

American Micro Industries has optimal laser cutting capabilities for working with Nomex® 410. By entering design plans to a CNC laser cutter through AutoCAD, CorelDRAW or a similar program, we can precisely cut your Nomex® 410 material with high tolerances and accuracy of up to 10 micrometers by completely heating and vaporizing the material in the laser beam’s path. You’ll get consistent shapes and clean edges time after time.

One incredible characteristic of Nomex® 410 material is how flexible it is to work with. With our high-tech Nomex® 410 laser cutting and shaping equipment, you can achieve various precise designs and shapes.

When using Nomex® 410 as an insulator — see the section below — you may wish to laminate it with polyester film to multiply the insulation and temperature protection. Since both materials are so lightweight, it is easy to bind them together for added security.

Let American Micro Industries Help You With Quality Nomex® 410 Parts

If you need high-quality, custom laser-cut Nomex® 410 pieces for your company’s applications, look no further than American Micro Industries for help. We are a veteran founded, U.S.-based business with decades of experience in the field. We can offer you effective turnkey solutions that streamline your business, as we have done for many others over the years.

If you need custom-designed parts that no one else can make, American Micro Industries is the only place you need to go. We’d love to talk to you about your part fabrication needs. Call us at 866-774-9353 for a free consultation, or send your project specifications directly to

We look forward to meeting all of your part fabrication requirements now and in the future.

DuPont manufactures and has trademarked Nomex® 410.

Let American Micro Industries Help You With Quality Nomex® 410 Parts