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Die Cut Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

American Micro Die Cut Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) offer a superior fastening alternative to screws, rivets or bolts. They form a strong bond and their peel-and-stick capabilities make them fast and easy to apply on various surfaces. The application of pressure triggers the adhesive process without solvents, heat or water.

At Custom Components, a division of American Micro Industries, our expert die-cutting capabilities enable us to produce high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesives for a wide range of applications. We specialize in designing and crafting custom products for various industries that improve manufacturing processes and deliver unmatched performance at affordable prices.

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Benefits of Choosing Die Cutting for PSA

While there are many established techniques for working with pressure-sensitive adhesives, die-cutting offers several valuable advantages.

Efficient Waste Removal

The process can immediately remove the waste matrix from the outbound die-cut area. This capability prevents the machine from slowing down during high-run production processes and allows workers to avoid removing waste manually.

Cost Reduction

Die-cutting increases throughput and reduces setup times. We’re able to perform high-speed processing tasks faster and more efficiently. The result is fewer cavities that could impact quality and result in costly, time-consuming do-overs. Your business will benefit from lower project costs and fewer errors that lead to expensive do-overs.

Increased Accuracy

Die-cutting is ideal for PSA projects requiring adherence to strict tolerances. We can achieve a cut-to-print accuracy as tight as ± 0.015 inches, ensuring results that meet your specifications and quality expectations.

Enhanced Cutting Depth Control

PSA die-cutting enables more accurate control of the cutting depth and minimizes cut-through of the liner. Besides increasing precision, this advantage also significantly increases the steel rule die life. Steel rule die-cutting is a cost-effective process when cutting shapes from various adhesive-coated materials.

Eliminates the Need for Secondary Processes

Die-cutting adhesives with a programmable in-line sheeting knife prevent the need to sheet finished roll stock and perform other additional steps. We can complete projects faster and more efficiently while optimizing turnaround times for our customers.

Increased Laminating Speed

For PSA die-cutting projects involving the lamination of sheet stock, we can transform it into a continuous loop when feeding the material into the machinery. The result is a faster processing speed and the ability to complete laminating jobs more quickly.

Offers Multi-Layer Capabilities

We utilize advanced laminating equipment that can combine multiple layers of pressure-sensitive adhesives. This process is applicable when working with various material types.

Facilitates Customization

PSA die-cutting is compatible with customized techniques, enabling us to deliver tailored results that meet your unique project requirements.

Die Cut Pressure Sensitive Adhesives by American Micro Industries

Die Cutting From American Micro Industries

The Custom Components division of American Micro Industries has been offering premium die-cutting services since 1995. We focus on delivering superior results at affordable prices, ensuring our customers can meet their quality expectations and minimize project costs.

Our vast die-cutting capabilities encompass the following processes:

  • Rotary: This method entails feeding the material into a station to utilize a rotary tool that cuts and perforates the workpiece into the preferred shape. It offers an efficient solution for gaskets and similar components.
  • Steel rule: Consider this die-cutting process for mass-production projects that require punching out specific shapes. This method offers a cost-effective option for businesses working with tight operating budgets.
  • Laser: A laser die-cutting tool automatically cuts the adhesive material into the desired shape. This process typically delivers the best results for projects with tight tolerance requirements.

We perform all our die-cutting work in-house, enabling us to monitor every aspect of the process and implement stringent quality control measures. We can deliver turnkey solutions that eliminate lag time and allow you to maintain tight production schedules. Our team includes well-trained, experienced professionals who take pride in their work and strive to deliver the best outcome for every job, regardless of the size, scope or complexity.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives from American Micro

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