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Secondary Operations and Parts Assembly

American Micro Industries is committed to being a full-service partner to organizations across a range of industries and sectors. We maintain an extensive inventory of insulation materials and other products ready for shipment nationwide. Through our Custom Components division, we also provide CNC machining, die cutting, laser cutting and other manufacturing services using nonmetallic materials.


A variety of secondary operations complements our custom machining and manufacturing capabilities. We can provide assembly, packaging and more, saving you time and money while benefitting from our industry-leading commitment to quality control.

What Are Secondary Operation Services?

Secondary operation services are processes that are done after the initial manufacturing process and can include assembly, shielding, engraving, printing and packaging. It may also include shipping your product directly from the manufacturing facility.

Conventionally, working with a machining company can provide these secondary services having multiple benefits, including:

  • Faster turnaround times, as there is no need for additional transit times
  • Improved quality control, as you are working with a partner that understands your product
  • Cost savings, as waste is eliminated, the manufacturing process is more streamlined

Key to realizing these benefits is to work with a company you can trust. That’s where American Micro Industries comes in. We are proud to offer a wide range of secondary assembly operations that save you time and money, while helping bring a higher quality of product to market.

Our Customers


Our customers come to us from a variety of industries, including medical device manufacturing, aerospace and aviation, defense and automotive manufacturing. We work closely with each client, leveraging our years of experience to find solutions that work for them. Many of our customers rely on our ability to provide complete turnkey support — from the initial engineering consultation to the finished goods assembly, we get the job done with accuracy and efficacy.


Who We Are


American Micro Industries was a veteran started business with a reputation for integrity and manufacturing excellence. Founded in 1995, we provide machining and die cutting with a fast turnaround time and no order minimum. We are an ideal partner for both prototyping and general manufacturing.

Be sure to ask about our secondary operations in manufacturing when you request a quote for any manufacturing service. Give us a call at 866-774-9353 to speak with a representative, or use our contact form to email our Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, head office directly.