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G10/FR4 Machining

G10/FR4 Machining


To meet the needs of our diverse client base, American Micro Industries works with a wide range of materials and processes. As a partner to everyone we do business with, we specialize in matching the client and the job with the best possible solution.

Garolite G10/FR4 is one of the most versatile and widely used laminates for a variety of applications. It’s also one of our most popular material options. On this page, you’ll find detailed information about G10/FR4’s specifications, applications and benefits, as well as a look at some potential alternatives.

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Potential Garolite Applications

G10/FR4’s properties make it an ideal choice for complex, high-precision electrical insulator projects. Electrical insulators restrict the flow of an electrical current, providing protection for anyone who comes in contact with them while ensuring the completion of the circuit and the structural integrity of the product.

Some of the many products that use G10/FR4 material include:

  • Lighting fixtures and other switches
  • Timers, transformers and other electrical controls
  • Arc barriers
  • Terminal and printed circuit boards

And more. For information about whether or not G10/FR4 is the right choice for your project, contact AMI to speak with one of our engineers directly.

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Other Garolite Phenolics

G10/FR4 is just one of the phenolic laminates we work with. Other Garolite materials available for your project include:

  • G11/FR5: G11/FR5 is closely related to G10/FR4 but offers improved insulation and performance at higher temperatures. Like G10/FR4, it has good mechanical and dielectric loss properties in both dry and wet conditions. However, G10/FR4 is slightly harder.
  • G5/G9: G9 or G5 — both terms refer to the same product — is a phenolic laminate made with a melamine resin binder. G5/G9 is among the hardest phenolics on the market today, offering dimensional stability, caustic resistance and arc resistance in addition to its superior strength.
  • G7Garolite G7 is suitable for use as electrical, heating and appliance, or MIL-I-24768/17 GSG-compliant insulation thanks to its heat and arc resistance. It is made with a silicone resin binder which provides good dielectric loss properties under both dry and humid conditions.
  • GPO1GPO1 is phenolic made from glass-woven cloth and polyester resin. It has a mechanical thermal index of 329°F, which makes it suitable for use in Class F insulation systems.
  • GPO3: GPO3 is an electrical-grade version of GPO1 that features 180-second arc-resistance. It meets UL 94V flammability standards, making it ideal for manufacturing arc-resistant electrical insulation found in high-voltage switchgear, transformer parts, bus bar supports, TV components and more.

For detailed specifications and more information about alternatives to G10 Garolite sheet stock, please contact the AMI office directly.

G10 FR4 is available in:

Micarta ® Phenolics

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G10/FR4 – 36″ x 48″ Sheet Stock