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G11/FR5 Machining

What Is G11/FR5?

Garolite G-11/FR5 is a thermostat-reinforced fiberglass composite laminate comprising alkali-free electrical glass cloth and an epoxy resin binder. This phenolic laminate is produced by applying high pressure and heat to stacked layers of specialty materials infused with synthetic thermoset resins, polymerizing the layers into a single substance.

G11/FR5 has many superior attributes that persist under room-temperature, moist or humid conditions at continuous operating maximum temperatures up to 355 degrees Fahrenheit. When you invest in our G11 machining services for your custom part manufacturing needs, you’ll experience the many advantages of this powerful material:

  • High strength
  • Chemical resistance
  • Electrical properties
  • Dimensional stability
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Creep resistance
  • Dielectric strength
  • Impact resistance
  • Adhesion strength
  • Flame resistance

Material Applications

G11/FR5 is suitable for continuous use at elevated temperatures and can withstand high-humidity environments, making it ideal for machining electronic and electromechanical components and high-precision electrical insulator products.

Through our G11/FR5 machining services, we produce versatile Garolite G-11 solutions for any of the following industrial applications:

  • Light fixtures and switches
  • Terminal and printed circuit boards
  • Aerospace products
  • Transformers
  • Arc barriers
  • Oil and gas components
  • End plates
  • Rocket cases
  • Antenna insulators
  • Solder frames
  • Electrical housings and insulators
  • Cryogenic insulation
  • Medical diagnostics
  • Timers

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Working With AMI for G11/FR5 Machining

When you choose American Micro Industries for Garolite G-11/FR5 machining services, you’ll benefit from our decades of manufacturing experience in industries ranging from automotive to medical to aerospace. We’re proud to serve as a veteran founded business specializing in the production of hard-to-find components.

At AMI, we’re dedicated to delivering complete customer satisfaction in everything we do. That’s why we go the extra mile by providing value to our clients:

  • Vast manufacturing capabilities: Our extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities enable us to perform a wide range of services, such as CNC machining, die-cutting, laser cutting and plastic machining.
  • High-quality products: We are a quality-driven company that delivers exceptional attention to detail on every individual piece.
  • Competitive pricing: You can expect nothing less than the most competitive prices from AMI. We never impose minimum order requirements on custom component projects, and we offer low fees for custom tooling services.
  • Fast turnaround: We always strive for on-time deliveries, which is why we provide fast turnaround even for complex, high-volume orders.
  • Strong customer relationships: Our team understands the importance of building quality relationships with our customers by maintaining strong communications and exceptional support.

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