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TRYMER® Machining

TRYMER is a highly efficient insulation material that offers excellent moisture resistance, low weight and high compressive strength. It has many potential applications — it’s most notably used in refrigerated trucks and other commercial refrigeration equipment.

American Micro Industries can work with all TRYMER products. We provide precision machining and related services for clients in a range of different industries. Our team can quickly turn around any project, working with you to meet your specifications.

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TRYMER Products

TRYMER insulation is made from a rigid polyisocyanurate material. Our machinists use various CNC techniques to cut individual sheets to your desired size.

TRYMER manufactures several products with different densities and compressive strengths. These include:

  • TRYMER 2000 XP: TRYMER 2000 XP is suitable for use in applications requiring a Flame Spread Index of 25 or less, and a Smoke Developed Index of 50. It can withstand temperatures in the range of -297°F to +300°F (-183°C to +149°C). Skilled machinists can machine TRYMER 2000 XP bun stock into various shapes and components, including tank insulation or factory panel cores.
  • TRYMER 2500: With a density of 2.5 pcf, TRYMER 2500 is suitable for heavier duty applications than TRYMER 2000. Common uses include cryogenics and other applications involving harsh conditions.
  • TRYMER 3000: TRYMER 3000 is a rigid industrial insulation with a density rating of 3.0 pcf. It is the next step up from the 2500 product, suitable for more demanding environments. American Micro Industries can provide TRYMER 3000 machining for commercial construction applications.
  • TRYMER 4000: TRYMER 4000 has a density of 4.0 pcf and a compressive strength of 95 psi (655 kPa). Its higher strength rating makes it a good choice for specialty applications. Precisely machined TRYMER 4000 can be found in industrial tanks, related hardware such as elbows, fittings, hangers and saddles.
  • TRYMER 6000: TRYMER 6000 insulating foam is suitable for extremely demanding applications, including those requiring high strength and dimensional stability. It has a density of 6.0 pcf and a compressive strength of 140 psi (970 kPa).

Count on American Micro Industries for all your TRYMER 2000 XP, TRYMER 4000 or TRYMER 6000 machining needs. If you’re unsure which product is best for your project, we’d be happy to review your requirements and provide a recommendation based on our more than two decades of engineering expertise.

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