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Are you looking for high-quality insulation material for your electrical parts and components? American Micro Industries is your one-stop source for E-FR insulation. E-FR is a specialty fiberboard material featuring a host of electrical insulation properties that make it suitable for products and components such as generators, electrical appliances and motors, as well as for insulation of various structural parts. EFR board also works well in transformer oil and extremely humid environments.

We Use E-FR Board of Exceptional Quality

This E-FR board is a multi-ply material constructed from unbleached kraft pulp. Kraft pulp is the resulting product when wood is cooked in a pressurized vessel that contains sodium sulfide and high-temperature caustic soda. This facilitates the bonding of the wood fibers, which strengthens the material. Despite its increased strength, E-FR board is remarkably flexible. Kraft pulp fibers are generally more malleable than those produced via mechanical pulp refining techniques.

Because of the use of unbleached kraft pulp, E-FR has good mechanical strength, punch-ability and fold-ability. This material is especially recommended for applications requiring fold lines and creases in material thickness greater than 0.020 in. (0.50mm). E-FR will not break when folded, unlike Fishpaper. E-FR also has the ability to maintain stable electrical properties under extreme temperatures, which makes it an excellent choice when manufacturing electrical insulation products.

E-FR Flammability

American Micro Industries supplies UL® approved flame retardant E-FR board. It has the UL-94 Flammability Classification of 94V-0. The UL-94 standard is used to evaluate the flammability of plastic materials for parts used in electrical devices and appliances. The standard consists of a series of tests that provide a preliminary indication of the acceptability of parts and components relative to their flammability for specific applications.

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Our E-FR Die Cutting Capabilities

American Micro Industries is your best source for die-cut E-FR insulator products. We are experts in the field of die cutting and fabricating custom components. Our capabilities include rotary die cutting, where a rotary tool is used to cut sheet stock E-FR into the desired shape. We can also perform steel rule die cutting, where we develop a custom steel die to punch out specific shapes from the E-FR material. What’s more, we can laser cut E-FR to create more complex/high-precision parts and components.

We Can Produce Custom E-FR Components to Your Specifications

At American Micro Industries, we specialize in the manufacturing of customized electrical insulator products to meet our customers’ unique specifications. Our in-house experts will work with your mechanical drawings to develop a top-quality, high-performing product for your most challenging applications. No wonder we’re the preferred choice of engineers, contractors and other industry professionals.

The American Micro Industries Advantage

We offer more than two decades of experience in meeting the manufacturing demands of companies in a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, defense, medical, automotive and many others. We take extreme pride in our ability to provide high quality parts used frequently in electrical devices, enclosures and a variety of other electrical applications. We can also produce that badly needed, hard-to-find part or component that is beyond the capabilities of most of our competitors. Understanding the need to keep your projects on schedule, we strive to complete every project as quickly as possible and deliver the finished product to your facility in a timely, efficient manner.

Contact Us for More E-FR Insulation Product and Pricing Information Today

Need a quote or additional information? Call us today at 1-866-765-9191, and one of our knowledgeable electrical information experts will be happy to assist you. You can also fill out and submit our convenient online contact form and we’ll provide a response as quickly as possible. We’ll be happy to provide a free product sample upon request.  

E FR is available in:

All material thicknesses are nominal, industry standard tolerances apply.

Need a quote? Call us today at 1-866-765-9191.

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WS-EFR - 28.5" x 36" Sheet Stock

WSEFR010 0.010"
WSEFR015 0.015"
WSEFR020 0.020"
WSEFR031 0.031"
WSEFR062 0.062"
WSEFR010 w/PSA 0.010"
WSEFR015 w/PSA 0.015"
WSEFR020 w/PSA 0.020"
WSEFR031 w/PSA 0.031"
WSEFR062 w/PSA 0.062"