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ECCOSTOCK® Machining

American Micro Industries provides fast, accurate machining services for ECCOSTOCK® low-loss dielectric materials. ECCOSTOCK® products include a range of flexible and rigid foams — all of which are engineered for optimal performance in demanding applications.

Our team has extensive experience working with ECCOSTOCK® products. We can provide support at every step of your project, from assistance with material selection to high volume machining and manufacturing.

ECCOSTOCK® Materials

Some of the more popular ECCOSTOCK® materials include:

  • ECCOSTOCK® FFP: ECCOSTOCK® FFP is a free-flowing powder that cures to a rigid, non-burning syntactic foam. Cured ECCOSTOCK® FFP is machined into different shapes for use as an insulating and stabilizing foam in electronics and machinery. It’s easy to use and low shrinkage, making it an excellent choice for encapsulation applications. It is also suitable for use in products exposed to vibrations, including those in aerospace and defense systems.
  • ECCOSTOCK® LoK: ECCOSTOCK® LoK is a thermosetting low-K plastic. Compared to similar plastics, it weighs considerably less and offers better dimensional stability. It has a low dielectric constant and low loss values. American Micro Industries can provide ECCOSTOCK® LoK machining services for telecommunications and defense clients. Typical applications include RF and microwave insulation, particularly in coaxial, waveguide and antenna support systems.
  • ECCOSTOCK® PP: ECCOSTOCK® PP is a flexible, closed cell polyethylene foam. Its dielectric constant doesn’t change with frequency, and changes only minimally with temperature. ECCOSTOCK® PP is low loss and low density. It will return to its original thickness after being compressed. Skilled machinists can work ECCOSTOCK® PP into a variety of shapes for use as a radome blanket or covering, or other electrical or microwave application.
  • ECCOSTOCK® HiK: ECCOSTOCK® HiK is sold in sheets, rods and bars, and available in several configurations, with dielectric constants ranging from 3 to 15. This low-loss product has a range of potential applications. It’s moisture-resistant, suitable for outdoor use and has low outgassing properties that make it ideal for aerospace components. Its primary function is to reduce the size of a waveguide by increasing its dielectric constant. American Micro Industries' skilled technicians process ECCOSTOCK® HiK using standard carbide or grinding tools.

Contact American Micro Industries directly to learn more about individual ECCOSTOCK® products, or for assistance choosing the right material for your project.

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Your Partner for All Your Machining Needs

American Micro Industries is a longstanding partner to commercial and industrial clients. We offer precise machining services with low tooling costs and no minimum order requirements. Count on our team for excellent customer service and a high level of quality control.

To request a quote for any ECCOSTOCK® machining project, call or email our office to speak with a representative.

ECCOSTOCK® is an Emerson and Cuming Microwave Product.