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Die Cut Gaskets

American Micro Industries can die cut gaskets for many different applications and industries. We work with various nonmetallic materials and employ processes such as rotary, steel rule and laser die cutting to achieve results based on your project’s specifications. Our team can assess your requirements to suggest the appropriate combination of process and product.

Gasket Die Cutting Capabilities

Gaskets fulfill multiple roles, including sealing against leaks or environmental contaminants, or reducing vibration and shock. They range in size, shape and material depending on their application. Some gasket design factors to consider include temperature resistance, chemical resistance, pressure specifications and more. Common materials include synthetic rubbers such as Millathane® 66 and Millathane® HT, NEMA XX phenolics, thermoplastic elastomers such as acetal and more.

Some of the more common types of industrial gaskets include:

  • Compressed Sheet Gaskets: Compressed sheet gaskets typically consist of a carefully engineered mixture of mineral, fiber and elastomer components. They’re best for low-to-medium pressure applications, though some specialty products are suitable for use in severe applications. Compressed sheet gaskets offer excellent sealability and temperature resistance, and are flexible enough to resist breaking during cutting and installation.
  • Enclosure Gaskets: Enclosure gaskets are responsible for preventing dust, water or other potential hazards from compromising electrical equipment in both indoor and outdoor environments. They may be required to meet NEMA, UL or IP specifications, necessitating the use of synthetic rubber or silicone materials. Key considerations when choosing a product include compression, dust sealing and weather or corrosion resistance — the specifics of your application will determine which characteristics should be prioritized.
  • High Temperature Gaskets: High temperature gaskets must be able to withstand extremes of heat and cold, depending on the application. They are common in automotive, aerospace and industrial applications. Your choice of material when designing a high temperature gasket is critical. Materials such as PTFE and silicone can withstand temperatures of 60°F (237°C) or higher, making them a suitable choice for these applications.
  • Flange Gaskets: Flange gaskets are used to form a seal between pipe sections. Engineers differentiate between two types of flange gaskets — full face gaskets, which feature a set of bolt holes, and ring gaskets, which do not. HVAC, petrochemical, pipeline, plumbing and related applications frequently use both. Silicone, nitrile, PTFE and cork are some of the more common flange gasket materials.

Our gasket die cutting capabilities are extensive and not limited to the above types. Our engineers have experience serving a variety of industries and can consult with you on any design or material selection issue.

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