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CNC Screw Machining

Screw machining is a type of CNC machining that can be used to create small, intricate parts as well as longer, thinner components that wouldn’t fit securely on a conventional lathe. Also known as a Swiss-style lathe, CNC screw machines are known for producing items with extremely high dimensional tolerances.

The distinguishing feature of a Swiss-style screw machine is a disc cam that feeds the workpiece through a guide bushing to position it as close to the tool as possible. By moving the part rather than the tool, vibration and deflection are minimized, and closer tolerances can be achieved.

The other main benefit of CNC screw machining is by minimizing the distance the tool must travel, production times decrease and productivity increases. With a screw machine, it is possible to turn around large projects very quickly, while maintaining exceptionally high standards of quality control.

Screw machining can be performed on a variety of materials. Metals such as aluminum, brass and stainless steel are all common, as are ABS, acrylic and other plastics.


As the name suggests, Swiss screw machines were first developed in Switzerland and used to produce the small, complex parts that go into the country’s famous watches. As the technology has evolved with the introduction of computer controls, a wider range of applications has emerged. Today, the demand for increasingly smaller technology has made screw machining the process of choice for automotive parts, medical devices, electronics and other manufacturing. Pins, pivot rods, spacers and electronic connectors and terminals, among other small parts, are all strong candidates for screw machining.

CNC screw machining is fast, reliable and can achieve tolerances of +/-.005”. Use it in any application in which quality control is a priority. The main drawback to screw machining is that the guide bushing has to be precisely positioned to achieve optimal performance. This requires additional set-up time and the expertise of skilled staff who know how to work the machinery properly — all factors that drive up manufacturing costs.

Working With American Micro Industries

We provide high-precision CNC screw machining for clients in any industry. We’ll work with you to develop a turnkey solution that gets your product or part to market faster. We are happy to offer short-run machining services with no minimum order amount.

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