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CNC Machine Milling

CNC milling is a fast, effective way to produce components with a high degree of accuracy. The process involves placing a workpiece in a machine vice, where it is fixed in place as a cutting tool automatically moves around it.

CNC milling machines use several different cutting tools to create shapes of various sizes. They can be equipped with conventional drills and bores to create simple holes. More complex work is done using different endmills — a standard endmill cuts away materials at a 90˚ angle, while chamfer, grooving, rounded and other tools are used to create bevels, rounded edges and other features.

On a CNC machine, the milling process is automated. Programming the software to perform the desired actions is the primary step in setting up a project. Once this is done, it is possible to repeat the process with exceptional accuracy. As a result, CNC milling is ideal for both mass-produced parts and short-runs.

Applications and Benefits

CNC milling is a highly versatile process that can be performed on workpieces made from metal, wood, plastic, rigid foam and other materials. Multiple tools can be installed on a single mill, allowing for the creation of highly complex parts. Alternately, milling can be combined with other CNC processes depending on the manufacturer’s needs and budget.

CNC milling can be used to create automotive components, construction materials and other items. Its high degree of accuracy and tight dimensional tolerances makes it an excellent choice for meeting the quality control requirements of automotive, aerospace and military applications. CNC milling is also utilized to create molds used in injection molding.

The primary consideration with CNC milling is that the workpiece must be held firmly in place while the cutting tool operates. As a result, it is often difficult to process certain flimsy or oddly shaped materials.

CNC Milling at American Micro Industries

American Micro Industries' Chambersburg, PA headquarters features several CNC milling machines, including four large Fadal machining centers that are capable of accommodating workpieces up to 30” x 16” x 12”. We provide extensive consulting for new clients, affordable set-up fees and fast turnaround times, even for larger orders. Additionally, we have no minimum order requirements.

To request a quote for CNC milling services, contact our office directly.