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Vector Laser Cutting

Vector laser cutting is the most straightforward type of laser cutting. In it, a focused laser beam is automatically guided over a substrate according to directions contained in a CAD file. The laser can be set up to cut the substrate completely or to perform a “kiss cut” that etches a line in the top layer of the substrate material.

Vector laser cutting is contrasted by raster engraving, a process in which the laser acts more like a printer, moving either horizontality or vertically across the substrate and turning on and off to create individual dots. On a technical level, the processes differ in the type of CAD file they use.

Applications and Benefits

Our customers use vector laser cutting in a variety of applications. It can cut easily through several different materials, forming parts out of paper, plastic, rigid foam and other substrates. Laser-cut gaskets are frequently used in the automotive industry, while laser-cut foam is often used for packaging or insulation purposes.

Choose laser cutting for your project if you require precision, repeatability and accuracy. Sophisticated laser cutters can produce clean-edged cuts within a tolerance range of +/- 0.005”, meeting or exceeding the capabilities of most mechanical cutters. As a result, vector laser cutting is suitable for the most demanding projects.

Our Laser-Cutting Capabilities

American Micro Industries offers vector laser-cutting services. We are based in Chambersburg, PA and can quickly turn around projects for clients nationwide. We can work with vector-based CAD drawings created in AutoCAD, CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator and several other platforms. Our laser-cutting machines are equipped to work with paper, foam, rubber, plastic, phenolics and other materials. We can assist with all aspects of your project, from material sourcing to the final assembly.

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