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Steel Rule Die Cutting

Steel rule die cutting is an effective way of mass producing die cut components with a minimal amount of expense. It is one of the main fabrication methods available at American Micro Industries. We can work with a range of different materials — including plastics, rubber, films and more — to meet your technical requirements and quickly turn around completed projects with a high level of accuracy.

How It Works

Steel rule die cutting uses a custom steel tool to punch a shape into a flat material. Three components are involved: a cutting edge, a die board and a rubber ejector. The die board is a flat surface, which has a thin groove the shape of the desired part cut into it, usually by a laser. The cutting edge — a thin metal blade — is bent into shape and placed onto the die board, where it is overlaid with a rubber ejector material.

Operating the die involves feeding a material in and stamping the tool into it. This causes the material to break along the cutting edge. Then, the rubber ejector pushes the cut part out of the steel die. An ejector can cover the entirety of the die, or only a part of it. Steel rule dies can also be equipped with a creasing tool which, rather than completely severing the material, cuts part way through it, creating a crease, or perforation.

Material Options

Materials that are too brittle or too soft are not good candidates for steel rule die cutting. Foam, cardboard, cork, rubber and plastic are generally good options that can be used to create products such as gaskets, electrical insulating components and foam inserts. These and similar items can be mass produced with a high degree of consistency and repeatability. As a result, you’ll frequently find steel cut die components in products such as electronics, enclosures, plumbing and HVAC equipment, among others.

Key Benefits

The main advantages of steel rule die cutting are its accuracy, simplicity and low tooling costs. The process creates clean cuts and won’t warp or bend materials. Rotary die machining is better suited for kiss cutting and other operations involved in creating more complex parts.

American Micro Industries’ Steel Rule Die Cutting Capabilities

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American Micro Industries provides a range of steel rule die cutting services. We offer low tooling costs and never impose a minimum order requirement on our customers. We can also provide technical consulting to help you choose an appropriate material and process for your project.

We’re happy to offer free, no-obligation quotes for any project. Call or email our office to get started today.