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Sign Board Machining

An attractive 3D sign is a way of setting your company apart from the competition. Signs can be manufactured from any material, though increasingly, businesses are turning to high-density polyurethane. High density polyurethane is a lightweight material that can be hand carved or CNC machined into almost any shape.

American Micro Industries offers a variety of sign board machining services. We can bring your vision to life with a sign that captures your technical, dimensional and branding requirements.

Why High Density Polyurethane Sign Board?

High-density polyurethane (HDP) sign board is a versatile material suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It lasts up to ten times longer than wood and doesn't contribute to deforestation, making it more environmentally friendly. It has a uniform surface and is easy to work with as it won't crack or warp when machined. Its closed cell structure produces sharp, well-defined edges. It is also waterproof, and resistant to high and low temperatures. Primer is typically not required to finish it.

HDP sign board is sold in a variety of densities ranging from 10 lbs. to 40 lbs./ft3. For most applications, 10 lb. or 20 lb. sign board is an ideal candidate for machining. However, for more demanding environments, it may be necessary to upgrade to a 30 lb. or 40 lb. product. American Micro Industries can help you assess the specifics of your project and determine the best material to use.

Applications and Industries

Skilled machinists can use 10 lb. or 20 lb. sign board to create detailed routed signs. Applications requiring higher density HDP sign board include topographical or architectural models, foundry tools for automotive or aerospace manufacturing and prototype patterns. Piping and industrial tanks, including cryogenic systems, often use sign board in place of conventional insulating materials.

Some things to consider when selecting a material include the desired abrasion resistance, compression, tensile strength, smoothness and edge detail, and the environmental conditions it will be exposed to.

American Micro Industries provides 10 lb., 20 lb., 30 lb. and 40 lb. sign board machining for clients in a range of industries. Our customers may include retailers, manufacturers, architects, and more.

Learn More at American Micro Industries

American Micro Industries can machine any density sign board into your desired shape. We have invested heavily in advanced CNC and AutoCAD systems to fulfill our customers’ requests quickly with a high degree of accuracy.

We have more than 20 years of experience in sign board machining and can provide expert consulting services around material selection and other technical issues. Get started by speaking with one of our engineers and requesting a no-obligation quote. Call or email our office for assistance at your convenience.