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Perforation Die Cutting

Perforation die cutting is a type of die cutting in which the part or component isn’t fully separated from the sheet. Instead, as the name implies, it is held in place by a series of perforations until it is ready to be detached. Any flat material can be perforation die cut, though polyethylene and paper are two of the most common.

Teeth per inch (TPI) is the metric used to measure perforation rates. TPI refers to the number of perforations punched into the sheet. More holes make the part easier to remove, whereas fewer holes fix it in place more firmly. There are no generally accepted standards for this, though die cutting with a rate of 30 or more TPI is often referred to as micro-perforating.

Like all forms of die cutting, perforated die cutting is fast, efficient and accurate. Whether or not perforation is the right choice for your application will be contingent on several factors.

Applications and Benefits

The biggest benefit to perforated die cutting is the ease with which a perforated part can be removed from the sheet. This makes transportation and packaging simpler while taking the potential for error out of cutting out individual items.

Any flat die cut part can be perforated. Stamps are an obvious example, as are automotive rings and gaskets, packaging, tickets and vouchers and more.

As a form of die cutting, perforation offers several general benefits, including the ability to quickly produce a high volume of items with a high degree of accuracy. This leads to better overall product quality and often better value for your manufacturing dollar as there is less product loss due to quality control issues.

However, die cutting is not without its drawbacks. This process is limited in the size of the part it can create and type of material it can work with. It may also involve expensive set-up and testing costs, depending on the nature of the project.

Perforation Die Cutting From American Micro Industries

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American Micro Industries offers perforation die cutting services to businesses in any sector. Unlike other die cutters, we don’t impose minimum order amounts on our customers, making it possible to produce short runs of perforated die cut parts for testing or product development purposes.

We've been a leader in this field since 1995. Based in Central Pennsylvania, we are ideally situated to fulfill orders for customers across the country and beyond.

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