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Open and Closed Cell Sponge Rubber Die Cutting

Serving a wide range of sectors, American Micro Industries' Custom Components division offers rotary, steel rule and laser die-cutting services for a variety of materials. We have the technical expertise necessary to identify and source the right materials for your project, and recommend a process that will deliver the best results. In everything we do, our goal is to provide quality work quickly, at an reasonable price, and to stand behind it with service you can count on.

Our expertise encompasses both open and closed cell sponge die cutting. Call us today to request a quote, or keep reading to learn more.

Open and Closed Cell Materials

Closed cell — also known as expanded rubber — materials we work with include neoprene, silicone, PVC foam and more. Various densities, thicknesses and colors are available. Available open cell products include a wide range of natural and synthetic rubbers. Contact American Micro Industries directly for a complete list of materials.

Closed cell sponge materials tend to be more rigid, while open cell sponge rubbers are softer, with a higher compression set. That being said, different materials offer different properties. With a long history in manufacturing, we can recommend a product with the material properties your project requires.

Potential Applications

Manufacturers use cell sponge rubber to create gaskets, seals, safety bumper strips, packaging materials and other products. Generally speaking, cellular rubber products offer excellent oil and water resistance, consistent performance in extreme temperatures, superior durability and other desirable properties. They are also easy to cut with precision, resulting in a higher quality of finished product.

Many of our cell sponge rubber materials meet ASTM or MIL-STD standards for use in specialized applications. Contact our office to discuss the needs of your project and let our team suggest a product that will deliver the best value for your money.

The Die-Cutting Experts

American Micro Industries has invested heavily in technology and training for our team. We are proud to offer rotary and steel rule die cutting — both economical options for mass production of closed or open cell sponge gaskets and related products — as well as highly precise laser cutting.

We have worked closely with customers in industries such as automotive, aerospace and defense, as well as general manufacturing. From start to finish, we will deliver expert advice and comprehensive service. Our team can assist with tool and die development, material selection, product engineering and more. Leveraging more than two decades of experience, we can fulfill complex, custom orders with a fast turnaround time and an industry-leading level of quality control.

Request a Quote Today

To learn more about our capabilities, please contact the American Micro Industries office directly. Based in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, we inspect each component before delivering it to our customers.

Find out why we're the choice of demanding industries when it comes to cell sponge rubber die cutting. Call our office at 866-765-9191 or send us an email to get in touch with one of our knowledgeable, helpful representatives today.