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High-Speed Precision Die Cutting

High-speed precision die cutting involves feeding a sheet or roll of material into a press where it is cut into shapes of a predetermined size. It is a fast, cost-effective way to produce a high volume of parts or products out of plastic, metal and other materials.

High-speed die cutting requires a special press that processes parts at a faster rate than conventional machinery. The benefits of this are obvious: Large projects can be turned around faster while maintaining accuracy and tight machining tolerances.

High-speed precision die cutting can accommodate parts of varying degrees of intricacy. Depending on your requirements, the process can employ a rotary, steel mill, matched metal or solid milled die. Progressive die cutting and in-line laminating or slitting are possible, allowing you to create more complex parts in a single pass.


High-speed precision die cutting is an excellent choice for a range of different applications. Use it to create gaskets, optical films, insulating foams, labels and packaging and more. The ability to quickly create sophisticated products while maintaining high levels of quality control makes high-speed precision die cutting ideal for the mass production of medical and automotive components, among other items for industries with strict regulatory requirements.

The main drawback to high-speed precision die cutting is the added expense. The process requires special machinery with higher purchase and maintenance costs that are passed on to manufacturers. Beyond that, however, set-up and tooling fees are comparable to those for conventional die cutting. Ultimately, your budget and your timeline will determine whether or not the use of high-speed equipment is the right choice for an upcoming project.

High-Speed Die Cutting at American Micro Industries

American Micro Industries is a longstanding provider of precision die cutting services for manufacturers in demanding industries. We are fully equipped to provide high-speed die cutting for your upcoming project. We are unique among die cutters in that we have no minimum order requirements — contact us first if you need to turn around a small project quickly.

In addition to die cutting, we also offer CNC machining, laser cutting and other related services. Let us assess your needs and recommend the best process for bringing your product or component to market. Call or email our office to request a quote.