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Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is in a never-ending state of evolution as technologies advance and car-makers strive to improve upon the features they can offer customers. From the comfort and functionality of the passenger compartment to the strength and shine of the exterior, today's vehicle owners never settle for second best when it comes to the performance and aesthetic qualities of their automobile. Therefore, manufacturers must always strive to meet the highest standards when it comes to the production of custom automotive industry components.

In the process of manufacturing custom components for the automotive industry, great care must also be placed on vehicle safety. After all, despite the emphasis customers tend to place on vehicle aesthetics and performance, the most important quality of all is the safety that an automobile can provide for motorists and passengers. Companies are making vehicles more efficient through precise manufacturing of automotive industry parts.

When it comes to manufacturing custom die cut parts for automotive industry use, the materials involved play an integral role in determining the functionality, longevity, comfort and aesthetic qualities of a motor vehicle. Even if an automobile looks good to the naked eye, it will not last long without quality parts on the inside. Therefore, it is crucial that materials be selected according to the needs of a given vehicle’s design.

Automotive Industry

At American Micro Industries, we're distinguished by our unparalleled knack for matching the best custom components to automotive industry designs of all types. We strive to accommodate as many specifications as possible.

Automotive Material Selection

Each new automobile must consist of optimal parts in order to meet the demands of today's motorists. As such, the bar is higher than ever in the automotive industry, particularly when it comes to custom parts. American Micro Industries, Inc. has over two decades of experience in the auto sector. Throughout that time, we have provided materials and machining for a variety of automotive parts, including the following:

Of the above parts, the gasket is one of the most important pieces in the function of engine components. A gasket is used as a seal to block the flow of discharge from one engine part to another. Without the presence of a gasket, pressure could cause discharge to release onto neighboring parts.

Custom gaskets are not exclusively necessary to the automotive industry. They are also used in aircraft, submersibles, tools, appliances, industrial engines and military vehicles. As such, custom gaskets are made in a variety of types, including filter gaskets, parking-light gaskets, lock-plate gaskets, old-rotator gaskets, copper-exhaust gaskets and many more.

Numerous materials are used in the composition of custom gaskets. Rubber, silicone, fiberglass, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, fiberglass, neoprene, and Urethane are just a few of the materials that may be required to put together the right custom gasket. The choice of material is determined by the demands of the parts adjacent to the gasket in question. After all, the gasket will need to have the strength to withstand whichever pressure loads are dealt by the surrounding parts.

Abrasive waterjet cutting technology is used in the making of custom gaskets that require materials such as steel, aluminum, brass, copper and rubber. Nonetheless, some materials — neoprene — necessitate a waterjet cut without abrasion. For materials of the latter variety, a water-only cutting method is simply the more suitable option. An alternate method involving laser cutting is commonly used when the gasket formation involves thin metals.

Anti-Vibration Foam and Tape

The engine of an automobile generates heat and vibration, both of which need to be kept within reasonable limits. When it comes to handling vibration, foam and tape are commonly employed to keep things under control. However, the foam and tape must be strong and durable enough to withstand any tensions applied to the vehicle parts in question. There is a list of prerequisites that apply to all materials used in the construction of vehicles. These prerequisites include, but are not limited to, the following conditions and capabilities:

  • Conformity to the shape and curves of the body of a vehicle
  • Ability to bond with oily metal surfaces
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Minimal weight
Automotive Industry

The prevention of vibration requires that adjoining parts conform to one another. In the case of curved parts, any part applied must have the flexibility to join at both ends. Just as the design of any custom part must take into account the straightness or curvature of the surface to which the part will be affixed, adhesive parts must also have the ability to bond along curved angles. Quality foams and tapes are designed to adhere to surfaces of varying angles to ensure anti-vibration qualities.

The metal surfaces on automotive parts are either oily from the start, or become oily as the vehicle begins to operate. Anything attached to these parts must have the strength and bonding capabilities to withstand degrees of oiliness. Therefore, a quality foam or tape that's been designed for anti-vibration purposes must be strong enough to stay bonded, regardless of whether or not a metal surface is oily or dry.

One of the most important qualities for any part within a motor vehicle is corrosion resistance. Fact is, rust is the enemy of all metal, which makes up the majority of engine parts in cars, vans, trucks and buses. The moment rust takes hold, it can spread like weeds across the surface of a metal part and eat holes through heavily affected areas. Rust can also spread between adjoining pieces, including weak bonding materials. Therefore, it is crucial that anti-vibration foams and tapes be resistant to corrosion.

The performance of a vehicle is impacted by its overall weight. If an engine is designed in a bulkier fashion, the automobile is liable to be heavier. This can have an impact on the vehicle's tires and fuel efficiency, because more weight will bear down upon the axles and the motor. Thankfully, anti-vibration foams and tapes add virtually no weight when applied to the engine parts of automobiles.

In order for materials to be vibration free, foam and tape should be dampened during the application process. At American Micro Industries, we have over 20 years of experience implementing processes that ensure the proper die-cutting of materials to the exact shapes and contours required on each external and internal vehicle component.

Seals and Gaskets

American Micro Industries offers solutions for original equipment manufacturers on a vast range of custom automotive industry components, including gaskets and seals. With our lengthy history of service in the industry, we have the expertise required to match each material to a proper system of adhesion. The applications that we help clients find solutions for include:

  • Electronics
  • HVAC
  • Powertrain
  • Sealants
  • Thermal management

The components that power the preceding five functions must be optimal for a car to function properly. In order for a car to have light and dashboard functions, the electronic component must connect to the parts that need power. Meanwhile, the HVAC system is essential for the comfort of drivers and passengers. From the inside of the passenger compartment, these are two of the most readily felt functions of a car, truck or van.

Powertrain consists of various underside parts that move the vehicle along once the foot hits the pedal. Meanwhile, sealants are necessary to block the unwanted flow of fluids as pressures mount within the engine. Lastly, thermal management controls the amount of heat that gets generated while a vehicle is in motion. The parts that make up these components must fit perfectly to one another and remain bonded and intact.

It is crucial for automobile manufacturers to have a reliable source for properly realized custom die cut components. At American Micro Industries, our precision manufacturing for the automotive industry includes matching vehicles with proper set materials. We have the ability to craft custom seals and gaskets for customers. We have a 90% acceptance rate for the specifications that we receive, so our customers come away satisfied.

Attachment and Fastening

When it comes to the cultivation of custom components for the automotive industry, performance is at the heart of each fastening application. Due to the commonly high costs of the components that comprise a vehicle, it is also crucial for waste to be kept to a minimum. At American Micro Industries, we have an extensive history of handling these types of concerns with relative ease.

Automotive Industry

Moreover, AMI has the needed contacts to offer manufacturing solutions for all kinds of vehicles. This, in turn, allows us to link customers to the most fitting parts for any given line of cars, trucks or vans. With our high standards of productivity in mind, we ensure parts are fastened using the most suitable means and methods, which include the following:

  • Interior/exterior foam tape
  • Transfer adhesives
  • Double-sided tape
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Custom die cut components for the automotive industry are produced in countless shapes and sizes. At AMI, we ensure all attachments fit exactly as predetermined by the specifications of the corresponding design for a given vehicle. Even if there is a component with unusual specifications, chances are it can be accommodated without a major overhaul.

At American Micro Industries, we have extreme versatility in our machining capabilities. As a result, there is a wide range of specifications that we have the capabilities to fulfill. Whereas competing companies typically focus on a limited array of specifications, we can fulfill the vast majority of customer requests that we receive.


A variety of materials are used in the automotive world to produce the components and panels of commercial and recreational vehicles. Many interior components are made from one of a handful of different types of industrial-grade plastics, which offer comfort and flexibility for drivers and passengers of cars, trucks, vans and buses. In addition to its sleekness, plastic can enhance the aesthetic charm of a vehicle and add to its value fresh off the lot, as well as on the resale market.

Automotive Industry

At American Micro Industries, we help clients in the automotive sector select the right plastic materials for each vehicle part. Our in-depth familiarity with the unique characteristics of different plastic types helps us choose which plastics will offer the best support and have the most sufficient strength and endurance for specific surfaces. Some examples of Plastics that we deal with at AMI include:

  • Delrin® (POM). Acetal — known under the trade name Delrin® — is a thermoplastic material made from the compound resin polyoxymethylene (POM).
  • Noryl® (PPO). Consisting of modified polyphenylene oxide (PPO), Noryl® has advanced dimensional and thermal stability, impact resistance and high strength.
  • Acrylics (PMMA). Crystal clear, high-strength, shatterproof glass alternative, albeit unable to block UV light. Popularly known as Plexiglas® and Lucite®.
  • PVC. Thermoplastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a fire-resistant, acid-resistant material with a considerable threshold for heat. Sold under the trade names PVC-300®, VINTEC I® and NELS-TEK 600®.

Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Since 1995, American Micro Industries has been engaged in precision manufacturing for automotive industry vehicle lines. With our in-house team of highly skilled professionals, we've implemented solutions for a vast range of vehicle types. We also maintain strict regulatory standards to ensure all work performed meets design specifications and safety requirements across the board.

Our staff provides clients in the automotive industry with custom die cut components for numerous types of vehicles, and we offer cost-effective solutions with no sacrifice to quality. Even as our business continues to expand and we continue to elevate our profile across the far reaches of the auto sector, our commitment to improvement is unwavering. With each passing year, the team here at American Micro Industries takes great pride in the strides we continue to make in all areas of operation, from production and services to sales and shipping.

For anyone in need of CNC machining for automotive industry components, we can help you with every step of the process toward implementing the right solutions for your vehicles. Not only do we hold our manufacturing to strict quality guidelines, but we also inspect each and every product we produce prior to shipping it out to our customers. Furthermore, we have a dedicated team of customer service representatives that will happily answer any questions and offer support throughout the buying and ordering process.

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When it comes to performance, safety, comfort and efficiency, few industries are placed to as high of a standard as the automotive sector. It's all because of the trust, care and capital that motorists put into their passenger vehicles.

For 22 years, American Micro Industries has provided custom die cut parts for automotive industry entities. As a result, our customers have received perfect solutions for their vehicle components. To learn more about the services we offer, contact us today.