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American Micro Industries supplies rigid foam & custom precision CNC machined components for aerospace, marine, military and industrial OEM parts. Our rigid foams, phenolics and plastic product lines are made from high quality reliable materials, designed for specific applications.  We have a complete manufacturing facility that allows us to effectively manufacture parts to drawing specifications with short turn around times.

Material Types

  • Rigid foam: Rigid foams are used where the design or application requires structural integrity, temperature compensation, thermal and mechanical stability. Rigid foam is used in satellites, radomes and antennas, as well as packaging for electronic enclosures. Rigid foam is also used as an architectural and structural replacement for conventional wood and aluminum applications.
  • Carving foam:Carving foam is lightweight and durable, with good resistance to moisture and temperatures, as well as general wear and tear. As a result, carving foam is often used for various types of insulation, as well as to manufacture gaskets, seals and other components. We offer four different types of carving foam — while our #2 and #3 products can be hand carved, our #4 and #6 foams require CNC machining, making them suitable for the mass production of custom electrical components. 
  • Phenolics: We can machine components from various phenolic materials, many of which meet MIL-I-24768 and related requirements. Our CE and LE product lines offer exceptional mechanical properties, whereas our glass phenolic material (also known as Garolite®) can be used to insulate a range of custom electrical components. Phenolic products are available in multiple colors and sold in sheet stock, rod, angle and U channel forms. 
  • Plastics: American Micro Industries can CNC machine components from several different types of plastics, including PVC, acrylics such as Plexiglas®, polypropylene, Teflon® and many others. Typical applications include bearings and bushings, tubes and electrical insulation, among others. Whether your finished component must possess high impact strength, superior temperature resistance, a low coefficient of friction or any other specific property, we can match you with the best material for your needs.

All of the above materials are available in sheet and bun form for your material sourcing needs. American Micro Industries is unique in that we don’t have minimum order requirements, and we can quickly fulfill any request from our Chambersburg, PA headquarters.

For more information about the different materials we work with, or for assistance choosing a product for your application, contact American Micro Industries and speak with one of our Account Managers directly. Use the form on this page to contact us.

Turnkey Solutions for Custom Electrical Component Manufacturing

Our valued added precision CNC machining department can provide you with a turnkey solution by producing your unique components, in the best material for the application, machined to your specific requirements.

When an off-the-shelf component won’t do, we are unique in our ability to work with you at all stages of the design and manufacturing process. Starting from a prototype part or original drawing, we will do the research and other groundwork necessary to bring your vision to life. Our vertical manufacturing capabilities provide our team with an exceptionally high level of quality control — all in a quick turn around time and economically priced. 

Manufacturing Capabilities

We’ve invested heavily in technology and our team necessary to offer advanced electrical component machining services. Our custom electrical component manufacturing capabilities are unparalleled in our industry, meeting the requirements of some of today’s most demanding organizations.

Our CNC department can engineer, & fabricate parts to your unique requirements and specifications. We utilize the best in CNC CAD/CAM software; including AutoCAD and Virtual Gibbs CAM. We can import your drawings directly into our geometric database for 3D imaging. We can program parts with swept shapes, tapers and complex compound contours. We can produce micro machined parts from a variety of materials that suit your application.

We have a very modern cnc machine shop, which is extensively equipped to economically produce your components, regardless of the order quantity. Our equipment includes four (4) Fadal CNC 4 axis Vertical Machining Centers with 15 horsepower, 7500 rpm spindles.

We have a large machining capacity of 30 in. x 16 in. x 12 in. to handle your biggest jobs. Additionally, we have several cnc milling machines, feed through belt sanders, band saws, table saws, routers, and drill presses. Additionally, we can do secondary operations to complete your parts. We have the capability to machine thin sheet stock on a vacuum chuck.

Getting Started

American Micro Industries is a proud partner to clients in a range of different industries, from consumer electronics manufacturers to government contractors. We are capable of manufacturing insulated electrical components that meet highly specialized military and healthcare specifications, as well as any other unique requirements you may have.

In short, we can manufacture and assemble products to your highest quality standards. It all starts with your initial quote. Contact us to today to request additional information about our electrical component machining capabilities. Contact us to today to request additional information.

Call 1-866-765-9191 to get a quote!

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