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Aerospace and Defense American Micro Industries, Inc., manufactures solutions for some of the most distinguished Aerospace & Defense OEM companies in the world. Expansion of services, custom materials, and industry experience allow American Micro Industries to continually expand technical capabilities to not only meet but exceed our customers’ needs. Our success is a direct reflection of our dedication to quality and precision. Your specifications are critical and we proudly offer the highest quality materials. This ensures continued development of our manufacturing processes to provide innovative solutions. We go above and beyond to ensure your project is completed on time, on budget and beyond your expectations! AMI offers many solutions to various needs in the Aerospace and Defense industries. We can custom die cut, solder, hot solder dip and custom machine your parts. We specialize in machining nonmetallic materials. Examples include Sheet absorbers, Dielectric Materials, Honeycomb, Radio frequency suppression and antennas.

Aerospace and Defense Materials list

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Sheet Absorbers

  • Broadband carbon/foam flexible radar absorber
  • Reticulated foam absorber sheets
  • Lossy carbon-loaded flexible foam microwave absorber sheets
  • Flexible, tuned frequency magnetic microwave absorber
  • Ms pressure sensitive adhesive option for absorber sheet

Dielectric Materials

  • Plastic stock with adjusted dielectric constant
  • Low dielectric constant, low loss sheet stock
  • Very low loss polystyrene sheet and rod stock
  • Lightweight artificial dielectric material
  • Low dielectric constant, low loss structural foam
  • Flexible, low loss foam
  • Flexible, weatherproof low-signature plastic fabric
  • Rigid foam-in-place liquid polyurethane
  • Lightweight syntactic foam overview
  • Cyanate ester syntactic foams


  • Broadband honeycomb absorbers
  • High power honeycomb pyramidal absorber

Radio Frequency Suppression and Antennas

  • Reticulated foam absorber sheets
  • Broadband carbon foam flexible sheet absorber
  • Thin, flexible, tuned frequency magnetic sheet absorber
  • High loss magnetic sheet absorber for surface waves
  • 800 mhz tuned magnetic sheet absorber
  • Thin, high loss silicone high loss stock
  • High loss magnetic sheet absorber for surface waves
  • High loss uhf absorber sheet
  • Flexible broadband magnetic sheet absorber
  • Rubber sheet microwave absorbers