• Electrical Insulation Materials Electrical Insulation Category

    Fish Paper, VHR-115, E-FR, Mylar, Silpad, Polyimide, and CE, LE, G10/FR4 Phenolics (Garolite & Micarta).

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  • CNC Machining CNC Machining Category

    Rigid foam, carving foam, phenolics, and plastic custom precision CNC machined components and industrial OEM parts.

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  • Die Cutting Die Cutting Category

    Custom die cutting and fabricating of electrical insulating components, gaskets, and packing foam inserts.

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  • Hot Solder Plating Hot Solder Plating Category

    Hot tin dipping with traditional 60/40 Tin / Lead (Sn/Pb) plating for non-EU and sanctioned EU applications.

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  • Custom Soldering Custom Soldering Category

    Dedicated manual solder line providing low and medium volume custom electrical enclosures and terminal populating.

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  • Acoustic Products Acoustic Products Category

    Control noise and improve sound with soundproofing and acoustic materials to enhance the quality of your life.

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Proudly a Veteran Owned
& Operated Business Since 1995

Our company is home to two divisions; Custom Components, a contract manufacturing facility; and Acoustic Products, a manufacturer & distributor of sound control products.

Veteran Owned & Operated

While our divisions address distinctly different markets, a common thread that runs through American Micro Industries is the persistent determination to find and meet the needs of customers with excellent quality goods and outstanding service.