American Micro Industries

Our company is home to two divisions; Custom Components, a contract manufacturing facility; and Acoustic Products, a manufacturer & distributor of sound control products.

While our divisions address distinctly different markets, a common thread that runs through American Micro Industries is the persistent determination to find and meet the needs of customers with excellent quality goods and outstanding service.

Custom Components Division

We make precision industrial components for aerospace, defense, electronics, marine, medical and technology manufacturers.

We help people solve their manufacturing problems by supplying hard-to-find parts, products and services. Our niche is specialty components with unusual specifications; including prototypes, low to medium production requirements and end-of-life product parts.

The range of manufacturing methods and services includes CNC machining, Die Cutting, Soldering, and Plating. On-site secondary operations finish the goods and help our clients get to market faster.

As the corporate name implies, our products are made in the US, the majority in our Chambersburg, Pennsylvania manufacturing facility. As a domestic source for industrial parts, we take great pride in providing our clients with high quality custom manufacturing and excellent customer service, right here at home, since 1995.

Our team has one goal; satisfied customers. We insist on quality to perfection in our made-to-order products. To this end, we offer 1st articles for inspection before production begins.

Acoustic Products Division

We manufacture and distribute products that help people control noise and improve acoustics.

Our clients contact us when they have a problem with sound. These challenges fall into two distinct categories; noise pollution and acoustic quality. We assist our clients in determining which problem, or combination of problems, they have. Then we help them resolve the situation by providing technical support and suitable products.

Unwanted noise and privacy issues are solved with products that reduce and block sound in residences, commercial sites, institutions, motor vehicles and boats.

Auditoriums, recording studios and home theaters require different products to improve acoustic quality. Settings include conference and classrooms, gymnasiums and restaurants.

We focus on high quality materials, user friendly remedies and in-house expert assistance. Our clients include building contractors, facility managers, Do-It-Yourself home owners, governments and industrial plants.

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