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VHR-115 Sheet Stock & Die Cutting

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This board is a rigid, dense multi-ply material constructed from unbleached kraft pulp and acrylic polymer. It has the UL-94 Flammability Classification of 94HB.

It is rated for a working temperature up to 230°F (110°C).

VHR 115 has excellent dielectric (250 volts / mil) and mechanical strength, low water absorption, high punch-ability and fold-ability.

This material is recommended especially for applications requiring fold lines and creases in material thickness greater than 0.020 in. (0.50mm). VHR-115 will not break when folded, unlike fish paper.

VHR 115 is an industry accepted substitute for fish paper, particularly in the thicker material range.

VHR 115 vs. Fish Paper

If you work in the electronics industry or another sector where you use electronics in your applications, you are probably familiar with fish paper. Fish paper is very popular as a material for insulating electrical devices because it has an electrical insulation Class 110 degrees Celsius mechanical rating and a Class 115 degrees Celsius electrical rating.

Typically, if you need a protective coating that is heat-resistant and electric tracking-resistant, you would die cut fish paper to fit your component as a more reliable alternative to unconverted cellulose.

However, in some cases, fish paper may be too thin to stand up to the stressors your application will put it through. In these situations, VHR 115 — a more rigid, dense material made from kraft pulp and acrylic polymer — is a clear alternative. Just like fish paper, VHR 115 is approved by Underwriters Laboratories reference E-31556(M) at 110°C mechanical and 115°C electrical. It does not break when folded, has high mechanical strength and dielectric strength, can be easily punched and has a UL-94 Flammability classification 94HB.

VHR 115 also has no chemical impurities, conducting particles or foreign matter that could interfere with the components you apply it to. When your fish paper is not doing the job, it’s a great idea to have VHR 115 available as a substitute.

We are the die cutting experts, and are also proud to provide custom laser cut VHR 115 components.
We take tremendous pride in our ability to provide high quality parts used in electrical devices, enclosures and a variety of other electrical applications.

VHR 115 is available in:

All material thicknesses are nominal, industry standard tolerances apply.
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Contact American Micro Industries for VHR die cutting services and VHR 115 Components Now

If your applications require or could benefit from VHR 115 materials, you will want to get in touch with AMI as soon as you can. If you are not sure whether or not VHR 115 is appropriate for your applications, just ask us. We have supplied VHR 115 and related products to industries ranging from automotive to home appliances to consumer electronics and more. VHR 115 works excellently for insulating coils, motors, transformers and other components that require insulation that has both good dielectric and physical strength.

Our experts are quite familiar with die cutting VHR and can easily customize VHR 115 components to your specifications. We are an extremely reliable provider of VHR 115 products and services and hold our team to the highest possible quality standards.

In addition to getting great, reliable VHR 115 products, we can deliver them fast, so you’re not stuck waiting around for your VHR 115 materials to arrive before you can complete your applications. Our prices are sensitive to your budget and we always strive to make sure the customer is completely satisfied with every order.

If you have ever worked with American Micro Industries for CNC machining services or other component part manufacturing services before, you know that we stop at nothing to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. We take great pains to make sure we have the best materials and the best equipment, as well as the most qualified personnel that we can to make sure you have an optimal experience.

For a free quote on VHR 115 custom parts or products, please contact us today.

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WS-VHR115 - 28.5" x 36" Sheet Stock

WSVHR010 0.010"
WSVHR015 0.015"
WSVHR020 0.020"
WSVHR031 0.031"
WSVHR062 0.062"
WSVHR010 w/PSA 0.010"
WSVHR015 w/PSA 0.015"
WSVHR020 w/PSA 0.020"
WSVHR031 w/PSA 0.031"
WSVHR062 w/PSA 0.062"