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Custom Soldering is a method of manually assembling both thru-hole and surface mount printed circuit boards. Small-scale assembly operations typically employ this method as it is an economical way to produce reliable connections between components and a PCB surface.

Hand soldering is an important requirement for boutique and legacy items, as well as for product prototypes, repairs and a number of other applications. If you don’t have the dedicated resources to perform manual soldering services in-house, we can help.

There are many ways to perform soldering using different tools and materials — what works for one project might not be appropriate for another. One of the benefits of partnering with an experienced fabricator like American Micro Industries is that we excel at matching the right process to your project. We can provide low volume copper, metal and nickel solder services, and can adapt our work based on your customization needs.

The Custom Components Division of American Micro Industries has a dedicated manual solder line to provide you with a source for your low and medium volume custom electrical enclosure component & terminal populating requirements. Keep reading to learn more about our custom soldering services, or contact our office directly to request a quote.

Soldering Materials

American Micro Industries provides soldering with a variety of metals. Options and capabilities include:

  • Copper: Copper beryllium and copper nickel tin alloys can be easily soldered to produce a conductive bond. Typically, the process is reserved for components that are less than 0.012 inches (0.3 mm) thick. Copper soldering is rarely performed on PCBs or components that require high strength or temperature resistance.
  • Brass: Brass is an affordable alternative to copper soldering that is easy to work with and delivers reliable, consistent results in most situations. Brass soldering produces minimal amounts of thermal distortion, but results in lower strength bonds that are susceptible to heat damage.
  • Nickel: Nickel soldering is another option suitable for use in various short-run consumer electronics and related products. Nickel is less reactive than other metals, making it less likely to exhibit creep corrosion. There's also evidence to suggest nickel soldering can minimize the risk of whiskers and other metallurgical problems.

Surface preparation is critical when soldering copper, brass or nickel. To form strong bonds, dirt, oil and grease must be removed. This can be done using organic solvents, alkaline cleaners or ultrasonic agitation. At American Micro Industries, we take the time to properly prepare every surface we work on, improving overall quality control and reliability.

Our Custom Soldering Capabilities

American Micro Industries’ focus on small-scale soldering allows us to customize our processes to best suit your needs. Our ability to work with a variety of materials is only one example of this. We can also provide low volume and prototyping work, as well as repairs and modifications to existing products.

Whatever the job entails, we’ll complete all work in-house and turn around your project according to its agreed-upon schedule. Our team can also help ensure RoHS compliance or meet other specifications.

We are experts at installing a variety of electrical components and connectors to meet your every need. Our manual soldering services include:

  • Low volume soldering: Additionally, we can assist you in outsourcing your mature end of product life products that require intermittent low volume maintenance orders. We have no volume requirements for our custom soldering services, ensuring you continue to deliver exceptional products for all your end users.
  • Repairs and modifications: American Micro Industries offers a number of custom soldering services related to product repairs and modifications. We can replace entire components or revise an existing product, and perform wire additions, among other specialized tasks. Contact our office directly for more information.

Our clients represent a wide range of industries and sectors, including consumer electronics, aerospace and military, automotive and more. We are fully capable of performing manual soldering services to requirements set out in various military and civilian standards, for both domestic and international markets.

We do not impose minimum order requirements when soldering copper, brass, nickel, or cold rolled steel. Keep browsing our website to learn more about our capabilities, or contact our office directly to request your no-obligation consultation and quote.

Why American Micro Industries?

Whether you require our services once or on an ongoing basis, American Micro Industries will strive to offer excellent work backed by knowledgeable customer service, every step of the way. Our customers count on us for:

  • Efficiency: We offer fast turn around times and can handle laborious, troublesome product parts that disrupt your high volume production lines. Our highly efficient processes and in-house manufacturing and modification expertise makes us a flexible partner that will work to meet your timelines and schedules.
  • Process flexibility: Depending on your application, we can provide installation either by acetylene torch or solder iron. We work with a variety of soldering media, including materials requiring plating RoHS compliancy.
  • Quality control: Our manufacturing processes, from first piece to large production runs, are held to the strictest quality standards. All products are inspected individually before shipping to our customers to assure complete satisfaction.

Benefits of Manual Soldering

Manual soldering offers a number of potential benefits depending on the application. Manual soldering allows for a greater degree of quality control when working with specialized products, including those with older point-to-point circuit boards. Trained staff such as the team at American Micro Industries know what to look for when manually soldering components and can ensure a complex, demanding project is completed right the first time.

Manual soldering can also be more cost-effective for low-volume products where the use of bulk-soldered components would require a larger order than is economically viable. Manual soldering has the added benefit of making it easier to modify your design without disrupting production — making it the best choice for prototype development and testing.

Working With American Micro Industries

American Micro Industries is proud to offer its clients high-quality terminal custom soldering and related services for any product. In everything we do, our primary focus is on delivering a product that’s engineered to your specifications.

Get in touch to learn more about our in-house soldering capabilities, and to discuss the specifics of your project with one of our Account Managers. Contact us online or call 1-866-765-9191 to request a quote for our manual soldering services.